DVD rental services can eliminate inventory tracking errors with barcode readers

Posted February 17, 2012

DVD rental services have become a popular option for movie lovers across the country. The industry produces $7 billion in revenues annually, according to U.S. research industry firm IBISWorld, but companies such as Netflix and Blockbuster may seek new ways to keep up with increasing customer demands. Using a barcode scanner gives rental services the opportunity to track DVDs quickly and efficiently.

Rental services can place barcodes on mailing envelopes and DVDs to track incoming and outgoing mail. A recipient can watch a DVD and send it back in a self-addressed envelope once she is done with the movie, while a rental service employee tracks the return package from the barcode and ships the DVD to the next recipient.

Workers can use barcode readers before they ship a DVD to confirm the location where it will be going. Consistently using this process allows companies to standardize operations with barcode systems.

A cordless barcode reader delivers superior performance that gives users the opportunity to scan DVD barcodes easily. The Symbol LS 4278 Scanner accelerates workers' productivity by providing them a handheld tool they can use for one-pass reading. 

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