Memphis airport uses barcode systems to improve security

Posted February 22, 2012

Security firm Delta Global Services (DGS) stepped up security at Memphis International Airport in February 2012 as each employee was given a barcode scanner to assist handicapped passengers. The handheld device has helped the company speed up operations as workers can scan a passenger's boarding pass in seconds, according to Computerworld.

Many businesses purchase scanners to enhance inventory tracking and management, but companies can use them to improve efficiency as well. DGS began using a 2D barcode reader to make its security more efficient. Employees can scan a flyer's ticket quickly while ensuring the security of handicapped passengers as they board a plane.

The Memphis airport serves thousands of people daily as it features three terminals and 98 gates. DGS vice president of business development marketing Tom Farmakis told Computerworld barcode scanners help improve airline operations by easing passengers' and employees' worries. Not only can customers more easily get on a plane without any problems, workers can ensure the highest quality customer service with barcode readers.

The Symbol LS4278 Scanner features a sleek, versatile design that any airline can use to improve security. The device enhances employee productivity with a fast and accurate scanning option.

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