Car washes can soak up profits with barcode systems

Posted March 13, 2012

Working at the car wash is a popular option for many people, and has led savvy entrepreneurs to put their own spin on the business. Some car wash owners offer basic service, using heavy-duty pressure washers and combination vacuums to clean up messy vehicles. Other retailers may provide advanced amenities, offering customers top-of-the-line car treatments to suit auto enthusiasts' needs.

Using a barcode scanner can help a car wash owner clean out inefficiencies. The device provides a versatile tool merchants can use to improve their sales operations and marketing efforts.

Independent industry research firm IBISWorld reports the U.S. car and auto detailing industry earned $6 billion in 2011, but has seen its annual growth fall 1.6 percent from 2006 to 2011. People rely on cars for a variety of reasons, and there may always be a need from consumers to visit car washes. However, tough economic times have forced people to review their budgets and find ways to cut expenses. As a result, people have become smarter shoppers and will search for the best deals possible.

A car wash can put their operations in cruise control with barcode inventory management systems. Retailers can use the device to scan air fresheners, hood ornaments and other accessories. Employees can read a product's barcode to quickly and easily process customer transactions. Doing so allows owners to track inventory that is sold to customers, but can also help them monitor car wash supplies.

Using a barcode reader can help an owner maintain a consistent supply budget. Car washes may require mops, rags and cleaning materials to provide outstanding service to customers. A scanner gives these retailers a reliable device to improve owner's supply inventory tracking, allowing them to monitor product usage to avoid service delays that could affect a visitor's experience.

Owners can even create incentive programs using barcodes to attract new customers. For example, retailers can provide frequent customers with a loyalty card that can be scanned each time visitors get their cars washed. Merchants can offer incentives such as complimentary cleanings and discounted accessories to consumers who use the cards when they visit.

Offering incentives can provide benefits to car washes and customers. Owners may draw new clients while setting themselves apart from competitors, and consumers can receive discounts that will help them save money.

The Intermec SR61ex Scanner is an ideal option for car washes looking to clean up inventory management and profitability issues. Car washes can take advantage of the device's sleek, versatile design to use the unit in a variety of environments. 

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