Survey shows the popularity of online shopping

Posted February 28, 2013

Credit card readers are getting less of a workout in today’s retail stores, and more on ecommerce sites as some Americans continue to opt for the online shopping experience over traveling to stores and picking out their desired products.

A recent survey conducted by credit card comparison website revealed some interesting statistics that reveal the mindset of many American shoppers. Roughly 41 percent of consumers have memorized the security code on the back of their credit cards, while only about one-quarter of respondents know their driver’s license number.

“The sign of a heavily used card nowadays is whether its owner knows the security code by heart,” said Charles Tran, founder of “After all, the main reason why anybody would need the code is to complete their purchase online. If you shop online frequently enough, soon enough you’ll discover you have memorized your security code as well.”

With ecommerce opportunities becoming the preferred means of shopping for some customers, retailers must continue to try to entice customers to come into their stores with money-saving deals and discounts that make the trip worth it.

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