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Metrologic Instruments provides barcode scanning and high-speed automated data capture solutions using laser, holographic and vision-based technologies. The Metrologic product line includes hand-held, in-counter and fixed projection scanners for point-of-sale applications; cordless wearables for remote scanning, laser scan engines for Original Equipment Manufacturers, and laser and holographic scanners for industrial applications. Metrologic Scanners logo

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Metrologic MS9520 Voyager - MK9520-32A38
Barcode ScannersMetrologic MS9520 Voyager
MS9520 Voyager, USB Kit - 1D Laser - USB cable - Stand - Color: Black
Specs: Wired
Ships Today $128.50
Metrologic MS9540 Voyager - MK9540-32A38
Barcode ScannersMetrologic MS9540 Voyager
MS9540 Voyager, USB Kit - 1D Laser - USB cable - Stand - Color: Black
Specs: Wired
Ships Today $127.40
Metrologic MS3780 Fusion - MK3780-61B41
Barcode ScannersMetrologic MS3780 Fusion
MS3780 Fusion, Serial Kit - 1D Laser - Omnidirectional - RS-232 cable - Stand - Power supply - Color: Dark gray
Specs: Wired
Ships Today $215.80
Metrologic IS4225 - MK4225-301/VOC
Barcode ScannersMetrologic IS4225
IS4225, IS4220 Scanglove Wearable Scanner Kit (for Accucode - Includes Special Cable)
Ships Today $162.90
Metrologic MS5145 Eclipse - MK5145-31A38
Barcode ScannersMetrologic MS5145 Eclipse
MS5145 Eclipse, USB Kit - 1D Laser - USB cable - Color: Black
Specs: Wired
Ships Today $94.20
Metrologic MS2320 StratosH - MK2320KD-60B238
Barcode ScannersMetrologic MS2320 StratosH
MS2320 StratosH, MS2320 Scanner/Scale (No Display, USB, Dual, Diamond Glass, AVB SCL and Power supply)
Specs: Wired
Ships Today $1,851.90
Metrologic IS3480 QuantumE - MK3480-30B41
Barcode ScannersMetrologic IS3480 QuantumE
IS3480 QuantumE, Serial Kit - 1D Laser - Omnidirectional and Single Line - RS-232 cable - Power supply
Specs: Wired
Ships Today $264.80
Metrologic MS3580 QuantumT - MK3580-32A38
Barcode ScannersMetrologic MS3580 QuantumT
MS3580 QuantumT, USB kit, includes USB cable, Short Pole and NW Base
Specs: Wired
Ships Today $226.50
Metrologic VoyagerGS 9590 - MK9590-60A38-A
Barcode ScannersMetrologic VoyagerGS 9590
VoyagerGS 9590, USB kit: 1D Scanner, includes coiled USB cable. Stand not included. See accessories. Color: Dark gray
Specs: Wired
Ships Today $124.40
Metrologic MS7600 - MK7625-72B07
Barcode ScannersMetrologic MS7600
MS7600, Series Horizon (MS7625 Model, Stainless Steel, USB Interface, Everscan Glass, Fixed and 110 Volt Power supply)
Specs: PEEL with TAKEUP
Ships Today $949.10
Metrologic MS7820 Solaris - MK7820-00B47
Barcode ScannersMetrologic MS7820 Solaris
MS7820 Solaris, Keyboard wedge kit with PS/2 cable. Color: Dark gray. Non-Cancelable/Non-Returnable.
Specs: Cable - Laser - Omnidirectional - Black
Ships Today $327.60
Metrologic MS2400 Stratos - MK2420KD-10B141
Barcode ScannersMetrologic MS2400 Stratos
MS2400 Stratos, STRATOS/399 mm Scanner WTH METLER SCALE, RS-232 Kit
Ships in 24-48 Hours $1,341.50
Metrologic SP5500 OptimusS - MK5502-79B639
Handheld ComputersMetrologic SP5500 OptimusS
SP5500 OptimusS, Mobile Computer Kit - Batch - 1D Laser Scanner - 2MB - Includes Charging Cradle - Includes Power supply - Includes Belt Clip - Includes USB Cable
Specs: Wireless
Ships Today $623.90
Metrologic MS7180 OrbitCG - MK7180-31A38
Barcode ScannersMetrologic MS7180 OrbitCG
MS7180 OrbitCG, Omni Scanner (USB Cable and Manual) - Color: Black
Ships in 24-48 Hours $260.90

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