Barcode systems a home run for sporting good retailers

Posted January 11, 2012

Sporting good vendors offer a collection of products relating to indoor and outdoor activities. A point of sale system can provide a slam dunk for sports retailers as they search for ways to remain afloat in difficult economic times.

The North American Industry Classification System defines sporting goods retailers as establishments primarily engaged in retailing new athletic equipment and apparel. These establishments may also retail used goods and provide repair services. These vendors provide customers with products from ice hockey skates to surfboards and may offer goods to different customers throughout the year based on the weather and sports season. Using a barcode scanner can help sports retailers maintain their clientele regardless of the economic conditions.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports more than 576,000 employees in miscellaneous store retailers, including sporting goods locations, lost their jobs in December 2011. However, a point of sale unit may help sports retailers avoid the red and remain in the black.

The Honeywell Xenon 1902 Scanner offers sporting good vendors an inexpensive barcode unit that can improve operations. The device features a custom sensor for fast and efficient barcode scanning.

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