In-store shoppers not as affected by social media

Posted February 6, 2013

Many of today’s consumers want to be reached by their favorite brands through the marketing channel of their choice; however, a recent report conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers revealed shopping trends are not changing as much as many experts believe due to the influx of ecommerce opportunities.

Innovations in technology have made it easier for consumers to learn more about a firm’s products or services by using their smartphone as a barcode scanner to be sent to a landing page providing more information about a brand. The PwC report found social media is not creating many commerce opportunities, with only 12 percent of respondents claiming to use social platforms to shop.

“A multichannel retail strategy can be extremely advantageous,” said Lisa Feigen Dugal, U.S. retail and consumer sector advisory leader for PwC. “The more minutely retailers can identify how consumers are utilizing the different channels, the more success they will have. Companies need a strategy that will create value by connecting with consumers and engaging with them directly online, while providing a meaningful, seamless shopping experience across all channels.”

Many marketers believe social sites will serve as a launching point for online shopping, but the research found nearly half of respondents are still visiting physical stores on a weekly basis to make purchases.


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