Zebra’s New ZQ500 Series Rugged Mobile Printers

Posted April 28, 2015

Zebra ZQ510 Portable Label PrinterZebra has recently introduced the strong, durable ZQ500 Series mobile printers. Featuring a military-grade design, the 3″ (72 mm) ZQ510 and the 4″ (104 mm) ZQ520 are the industry’s most rugged mobile printers available. The ZQ500 Series is Zebra’s high-performance mobile line and is designed to meet the needs of companies and users whose primary work takes them outside the standard four-wall office environment. The printers help users remain fast, agile and responsive—critical job performance criteria for individuals working in government, transportation & logistics and select manufacturing roles. Designed to withstand the bumps, bangs, drops, accidents and environmental extremes that are common in mobile environments, the printers perform in even under the most challenging and severe conditions.​

Military-Grade Design

When you think about a day in the life of a mobile employee, the importance of durability is clear. And as Zebra’s most rugged product line, the ZQ500 Series is ideal in unforgiving environments. The printers feature a patented, military-grade design that meets third-party-verified MIL-STD 810G military standards for shock, vibration and temperature exposure. These printers are designed to withstand repeated drops to concrete from 6.5′ on multiple sides as well as rigorous 1-meter tumble tests. The optional exoskeleton case adds to the printers’ durability: with the case, printers can withstand drops to concrete from up to 10′. Not only can the printers withstand the regular drops, bumps and collisions that occur on the road, but they also guard media from being ejected when the printer is dropped—meaning the data and information remain secure and intact.

Weather-Ready Protection

Many mobile employees must perform their duties regardless of weather conditions. Designed with that in mind, the ZQ500 Series features the widest operating temperature range in the industry, and with IP54 rating (IP65 with the exoskeleton), they are protected against some of the unavoidable elements of the outdoors, such as dirt, rain and snow. In addition, the Cold Temperature Compensation feature optimizes print speeds to allow for better print performance at lower temps, critical for direct-store deliveries that require colder transportation, including ice cream, flowers and frozen foods. ​

Easy Operations

When workers are exposed to these types of environments, it’s not unusual to find several varieties of protective gear as part of the work uniform. Gloves in particular make small, mobile printers difficult to use. The ZQ500 printers offer large buttons so users can easily issue printer commands, even while wearing gloves. Media is easy to change and the simplified user interface reduces the amount of accidentally changed settings.

Constant Connection

The ZQ500 Series features the latest advancements in the Link-OS environment, reliable connectivity and best-in-class accessories.

The ZQ510 and ZQ520 printers are also equipped with the advanced Bluetooth Smart Ready 4.0 (Low Energy) connectivity and Print Touch device pairing. They are “Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad” (MFi) and Wi-Fi Alliance certified to support connectivity to a range of Apple, Android and Windows Mobile devices.

Any combination of the high-quality accessories, such as vehicle mounts and charges, available for the ZQ500 Series printers transform any space—no matter if it’s the front seat of a car or cruiser or inside a truck trailer —into a productive mobile work environment so employees can stay connected on the go.

Simplified Integration, Management and Maintenance

The ZQ500 Series is Link-OS-enabled, providing users with an easy way to gather printer information and make informed business decisions to prevent down time. With the use of Zebra Genuine SLink-Os.pngupplies, users can extend the life of their ZQ500 Series printers. In addition, customers can purchase a ZebraCare Service Agreement, which ensures that trained Zebra technicians will bring printers back to factory specifications.

New to Zebra

The ZQ500 Series printers are the first printers from Zebra to support a secondary Bluetooth channel for simultaneous operations, such as simultaneous device management and printing, and increased productivity. Boasting several certifications and connectivity, power and printing options, the ZQ500 printers are Zebra’s most reliable, rugged mobile printers to date.

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