Friendly’s Express Improves Order Accuracy with Epson’s TM-T88 ReStick

Posted June 1, 2015

Epson TM-T88 ReStick POS PrinterFriendly’s Express is a fast-casual concept of Friendly Ice Cream Corporation, a full service family dining chain of more than 500 restaurants. Based in Wilbraham, MA, the corporation has sales of over $700 million and has strong brand recognition throughout the northeastern U.S.

Friendly‘s expands into fast-casual service

The first Friendly’s Express fast-casual restaurant opened its doors in Mansfield, Mass. “With our Friendly’s Express locations we have introduced our loyal customers to a fast, new way to order their favorite items,” commented Richard Delvalle, Director of Restaurant Systems for Friendly’s. “Their orders are prepared in a matter of minutes which is ideal for customers on the go who do not have time to eat in one of our full-service restaurants.”

New technology for fast, accurate service

To help insure that the Friendly’s Express concept would be successful, Friendly’s needed to deploy new technologies that would make food ordering, preparation and the labeling process accurate, quick and easy. Friendly’s chose to work with NETS Products Group, an Epson Envision partner, to develop a solution to meet their needs. NETS recommended Epson’s TM-T88 ReStick label solution using MAXStick liner-free labels with Friendly’s POS system. “By installing an intelligent label interface into the Epson ReStick TM-T88 printer, we were able to easily configure the point-of-sale (POS) system to print individual item labels,” said Tom Niedzwiecki, Executive Vice President of systems integrator NETS Products Group.

New system improves order accuracy

Now Friendly’s Express has a fast and accurate way to identify orders. Previously, once the whipped topping was on a sundae, for example, it was a challenge to tell one order from the other. With the new system, label printers were installed in the fountain and grill areas. Once a customer places an order at the counter, a label is generated at the appropriate work station and employees affix it to the fountain or grill order. Friendly’s staff can now instantly identify sundaes or wrapped sandwiches, pinpoint where they belong, and personalize service with the guest’s name.

Labeling system has many benefits

The Epson TM-T88 ReStick label printer and MAXStick liner-free label solution is easy to use and maintain. The staff at Friendly’s Express learned the new labeling process in no time. “With our new label solution, we have increased order accuracy, streamlined our preparation process and carry-out work flow, and are able to customize how we deliver orders to our customers,” said Richard Delvalle.

Epson‘s TM-T88 ReStick label printer

Epson’s TM-T88 ReStick label printer is ideal for quick service, fast-casual and take-out restaurants who need to improve order accuracy, reduce food costs, speed work flow and increase customer satisfaction. Based on new technology, it prints repositionable liner-free labels that can be used for bag labels, order labels in the food preparation area and product labels, all without any liners to dispose of. And it supports continuous rolls for variable length label output.

MAXStick adhesive liner-free label paper

Epson’s TM-T88 ReStick label printing solution uses MAXStick adhesive liner-free label paper which allows labels to be applied, removed and repositioned as needed. And the solution is significantly less expensive than using a standard label printer. Without a coated paper liner, the cost of supplies is greatly reduced. In fact, a roll of MAXStick liner-free label paper produces 60% more labels per roll than die-cut labels. And since they are liner-free, there are no liner backings to clutter up the work space. In addition, MAXStick labels are biodegradable, recyclable and BPA free.

Friendly’s Express label solution a success

The labeling solution for Friendly’s Express has been a big success. “We needed a technology solution that would make the food order, preparation and labeling process accurate, quick and easy. The Epson / MAXStick solution is ideally suited to our needs and we are very pleased with the increased order accuracy. It has streamlined our preparation process and allowed us to customize, and ultimately greatly enhance, the way we deliver orders to our customers,” said Richard Delvalle.

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