AML’s New Affordable TDX20 Rugged Mobile Computer

Posted March 7, 2016

AML’s newest addition to their mobile computer line, the TDX20 wireless handheld computer, brings affordability and convenience to barcode data collection applications. Designed for light-to-medium duty environments, the TDX20 allows users to go wireless when collecting data for a variety of applications including inventory control and asset tracking.

The TDX20 runs Windows CE 6.0 Pro, comes equipped with Internet Explorer for web-based and cloud applications, and with a collection of pre-loaded software applications called DC Suite which are designed specifically for common, everyday barcode data collection tasks.

TDX20 is suitable for applications such as Inventory Counts, Asset Tracking, Check-In/Check-Out, Receiving/Shipping, Audit/Verification, and much more.


  • Lower Investment Cost
  • Operate in Batch or Wireless Mode
  • Protective Case
  • AML ScreenFlash Technology
  • Pre-Loaded Software Applications

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