TSC Alpha-3R Printer Helps DRIM Quickly and Efficiently Change Price Labels

Posted August 31, 2016

TSC Alpha-3R POS PrinterDRIM is a family-run company located in Catalonia, Spain specializing in children’s playthings offering a wide range of toys and childcare products as well as hobby items. DRIM recently undertook a huge expansion by making a strategic investment in a 16,000 qm logistics center so they could quickly and effectively deliver to their 75 retail stores. To further increase efficiency, DRIM also needed a system to label its products on a daily basis and facilitate price changes for special offers or during the very critical Christmas season.

“Most of our storefront employees are women, so a lightweight and easy-to-use printer was needed. After testing multiple printers, we finally chose the Alpha-3R “, confides Raul Lleberia, IT Manager at DRIM.
DRIM developed its own software to manage the price labeling application, with all labels being printed directly at the point-of-sale. DRIM uses two label sizes – a standard label to identify everyday prices and a larger, round and two-color label to identify special offers. This allows customers to see the everyday price, then the special offer with the more visible label.

Thanks to TSC printers, DRIM can identify each product including the store ID, the standard price and the product reference. With a total of 2,000 references, DRIM efficiently manages all its daily labeling activities, as well as specific promotions like Christmas holiday specials. “Our Christmas catalogue has about 1,000 references. In the past, we needed 3 or 4 days to change prices. Now with the Alpha-3R printer, we can achieve the same work in a single morning. In addition, given the ease-of-use of the system, it can be carried out by one person”. According to Raul Lleberia.

DRIM benefits daily in a number of ways by using the TSC printer – from its compact size, quality construction, intuitive handling, long battery life to its affordable price. Thanks to the Alpha-3R, DRIM realizes efficiencies in man power by reducing the time needed to change prices from one hour to five minutes. In addition, with its integrated standard programming languages, it was easy to integrate the TSC printers into their system.

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