Printer “POSse” in Montana Saves the Day

Posted September 8, 2016

Posiflex KS-6715 Point of Sale TerminalsBackground

Set in the background of picturesque Montana lies a busy collection of restaurants known as the Montana Club. Known for their outstanding service and quality of food, the Montana Club prides itself in having a top-notch operation. One of the key issues the Montana Club faced was having food and drinks spill onto their critical POS hardware, causing potential failure of the station, which in turn, disrupts the entire operation.

A Solution to a Messy Problem

When Marcus Stenslie, President of Softbridge Technologies, heard about the spill-resistant, environmentally-hardened features of the Posiflex PP9000 printer, he knew the perfect place to install them. Stenslie has done numerous service calls because the wait staff accidently spills food and liquids in the printer, which has included rice kernels, soy sauce, sugary drinks like daiquiris drying into a sticky mess, and pieces glass from liquor bottles falling off the shelf and exploding on the counter. Stenslie, in busy locations like the Montana Club, recommends thermal over impact printers because of faster speed and greater reliability. “I chose the thermal Posiflex PP9000 printer because it is designed to be impervious to liquids and food spillage and it has a four year warranty, almost twice that of many competitive printers.”

A Legacy of Reliability

Stenslie has been working with Posiflex for a decade, so his recommendation of the KS6715 terminal is based not only on actual performance, but Posiflex’s long legacy of reliability. “The KS6715 was the only way to go as I’ve yet to have a single Posiflex fail. We tried other terminals, but they don’t last,” adds Stenslie, “Posiflex is running Aloha software flawlessly. With Aloha, I did not automatically default to Radiant / NCR hardware as I go only with best of breed vendors.”

Peace of Mind

Montana Club owners, Bob Powell and Nick Alonzo note, “We were very impressed with the POS system and it was important that the setup runs like clockwork. POS is the last thing we want to worry about as our focus is on the customer experience. If a terminal or printer goes down, it causes chaos for our whole operation, purchasing Posiflex was buying peace of mind. We even installed Posiflex in another location we own, Hoagieville, a quick serve restaurant, to receive the same standard of reliability.”

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