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CipherLab’s Touch-Centric RS30 Smartphone

Posted June 30, 2015

CipherLab’s new RS30 series touch mobile computer is a rugged smart device of which the touch-centric user interface is just like any other smartphone. Additionally, the ruggedness of the RS30 series safely protects its powerful features from harsh environments. Moreover, the RS30 series is capable of operating over a shift without worrying about insufficient battery life. Simply put, the RS30 is a full function touch mobile computer which is designed with the enterprise’ needs in mind.

Zebra’s New OneCare Support Services

Posted June 26, 2015

Zebra ZT410 Thermal Barcode Label PrinterEvery day Zebra printers help streamline business processes to improve overall operational efficiency and accuracy, reduce cost and increase workforce productivity. Printer availability is key to the success of your business and the return on your Zebra printer investment.

With their new Zebra OneCare Support Services, you can ensure that Zebra’s mobile, tabletop, desktop, card and kiosk printers achieve maximum uptime and peak performance. You get unmatched support, right from the manufacturer—from experts that offer unparalleled product knowledge. With three service levels to choose from—Essential, Select and Premier—customers will find a Zebra OneCare offering that meets both their service requirements and budget.

Effective July 8, 2015, ZebraCare will be discontinued and replaced by Zebra OneCare Essential or Zebra OneCare Select Support Services. Zebra OneCare also delivers enhancements and additional optional features including:

  • Software updates and upgrades
  • 24×7 technical phone support (Zebra OneCare Select only)
    • Level 1 technical support (English only)
  • User assessment and learning service
    • An online assessment questionnaire that evaluates the adoption of the technology/solution across all device end users
  • Operational visibility platform

The Zebra OneCare Essential Support Service is fundamental to ensure the end user’s deployment of Zebra technology is robust for its lifetime. As our foundational service offering, it delivers the expected business benefits, providing reliable and predictable service and support.

The Zebra OneCare Select Support Service provides access to an advanced level of technical support and repair service, driven by the urgency that our end users require. Customers receive dedicated 24×7 telephone technical support as well as advance device replacement. Zebra OneCare Select customers benefit from an included set of standard periodic reports. Also, our cloud-based visibility service option, powered by our Asset Visibility Platform, helps users better manage assets and enhance productivity with the location, condition and usage patterns of the LinkOS network-enabled printers.

Zebra OneCare Premier Support Service, our highest level of service, delivers a truly differentiated service experience. Customers choose the features they need to maximize process throughput and simplify the operation. Our solution experts will customize printer settings and software, integrate third-party software and peripherals, and perform advanced diagnostics to meet business needs.

Printronix’s T8000 Next Generation of Industrial Printers

Posted June 24, 2015

Printronix T8000 Thermal Barcode Label PrinterPrintronix has announced the release of the T8000 Thermal Printer series, a new lineup of high-end thermal printers. With unmatched industrial performance, ease-of-use, and ability to print 100% scannable barcodes, the T8000 exceeds the requirements of the most demanding operations in manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and retail distribution.

“The T8000 is another major milestone in our thermal product portfolio development. Based on our innovative architecture, it demonstrates unsurpassable processing power and print speed with uncompromised quality,” said Andrew Kim, Printronix Sr. Product Manager.

T8000 Offers Industry-First Solutions for Supply Chain Environments

Building on the legacy of providing unique solutions that solve supply chain problems, Printronix designed the T8000 with several industry-first features:

  • Coolest in the Industry. Designed with fan-less ventilation and new intelligent printhead heat management, the T8000 provides reliable performance in sub-zero environments. Operating in environments as cold as -5°C for direct thermal and 5°C for thermal transfer application without a heated enclosure, provides cold supply chain customers recognizable performance and cost savings.
  • PostScript/PDF Printing. The T8000 marks history by offering seamless connectivity to ERP & WMS systems via direct printing of PostScript and PDF applications. With both 203 and 300 DPI support and 35 different fonts embedded, the T8000 integrates easily with ERP systems like SAP to print your label perfectly without any custom driver installation. “I am also particularly excited to introduce customers to the first thermal barcode printer offering easy and seamless connectivity to PostScript and PDF files, making T8000 a true plug-n-play in all ERP systems. Applications traditionally printed on laser or inkjet printers can now be done on a more reliable thermal platform,” said Kim.
  • Easy to Use. New 3.4” high-resolution color screen will display intuitive printer setup & print quality configuration wizards, coupled with QR codes to reference how-to videos and resources online to make the T8000 extremely easy to operate. The Quick Change Memory Card (QCMC) stores the unique printer configuration and network settings allowing for easier installation and configuration of new printers.
  • Enterprise Performance. Designed with a high-power ARM A9 processor, 512MB RAM and 128MB flash memory, the T8000 can print high quality large complex labels with speeds up to 14 IPS. The T8000 also is equipped with Printronix’ PrintNet Enterprise for remote management that allows users to configure and monitor printers across a global enterprise.
  • Industrial Grade. Keeping with tradition, Printronix has built the T8000 with the same rugged and reliable design that customers have come to expect over the past 40 years. In addition, Printronix is committed to protecting the environment by manufacturing the T8000 to be Energy Star compliant.

Produce High Quality 100% Scannable Barcode Every Time

Printronix offers an exclusive ability to produce 100% readable and verified barcodes by offering the T8000 with the optional Online Data Validator (ODV). By eliminating bad barcodes in your supply chain, customers can improve productivity while reducing chargeback fines.

“Having quality barcodes in your supply chain is critical to operating proficiently in a global commerce,” said Plamen Petkov, Printronix Thermal Products General Manager. “The T8000 delivers on this need by utilizing ODV to ensure every label printed is of quality, and if not, strikes the label out and automatically re-prints a new one.”

Tackling Next-Gen Point of Sale Payment

Posted June 19, 2015

What’s top of mind for most retailers? A POS system that can enable the organization to accept new mobile payment options, and that will take the EMV migration in stride. In fact, both retailers and suppliers agree that the ability to accept mobile wallet has had a significant impact on POS software purchasing decisions, as has EMV-readiness and overall payment security with the October 2015 deadline quickly approaching.

Frankly, the October 1 deadline for compliance with the EMV mandate is on every retail IT professional’s radar for 2015. The fast-approaching liability shift will place the responsibility for fraud conducted in-store squarely on the shoulders of those retailers that are not compliant by the Q4 deadline. In addition to smart card compliance, savvy retail execs are earmarking pricing intelligence, mobile, and other next-gen innovations to the top of their to-do lists. With the state of POS evolving on a constant basis, every retailer — even the most forward thinking and technological savvy — can benefit from exploring and putting a plan in place to tackle payments in 2015.

With data breaches on the rise, security is top of mind for retailers. What steps do you recommend retailers take to better secure the POS?

Many steps – from simple to more involved. First, invest in POS that’s adaptable and ready to accept future upgrades, like the acceptance of a variety of EMV devices. In terms of compatibility, does the system have enough ports to plug in third party peripherals? And, do those peripherals have the ability to address security concerns? Can you upgrade to an encryption-capable MSR? Does that MSR include a biometrics reader, to ensure user security? Does the terminal feature powered USB ports to plug in a variety of security-related devices? It all starts with a POS device that can embrace new add-ons (built-in or third party), as well as a software partner taking measures to ensure data is secured on the software side. Security is not simply the hardware, payment processor, or software provider’s responsibility. A retailer should work with all of its partners to ensure that they’re providing an environment as safe and secure as possible to transact business.

Apple Pay has officially been released and retailers have been quick to sign up. How will this and other NFC technologies impact the future of POS?

POS, in various forms, continues to be the backbone of the transaction. An operation may have traditional POS terminals, peripherals, tablets, digital displays, and customer-accessible kiosks — all part of the POS ecosystem. Apple Pay becomes another part of that ecosystem. POS systems need to be designed to anticipate new technologies. It’s a natural evolution, on-going since the days of simple cash registers, evolving to ECRs, to PCbased POS systems, now with continued evolution and a focus on the payment function of POS. The transaction doesn’t go away.

For retailers about to embark on a new POS hardware deployment, what advice would you provide?

Be open-minded. Consider an investment strategy that addresses both current and future requirements along with emerging technologies. Don’t focus strictly on price without giving thought to total cost of ownership. Think about how emerging technologies can be embraced to protect your POS investment for the future. Don’t forget the environment in which these technologies will be implemented and invest in a system that can endure to deliver maximum uptime. Select products with demonstrated reliability track records and vendor partners who offer comprehensive care programs. Regardless of new technology trends, reliability never falls out of importance or fashion.

According to the most recent RIS News Store System Study, retailers are making plans to invest in POS hardware at an increased rate. What features should they be looking at to stay ahead of the curve?

POS must be as adaptable as the businesses who are investing in POS. Newer POS technologies include EMV, near field communications, chip-and-pin, payment methods and card formats from other countries that may migrate to our market. POS must be adaptable to these changes. We can delay investment in POS waiting for the market to settle on certain POS features, or we can grow and evolve with POS as needs change. The evolution of POS is not stagnant — with new security and digital signage features, as well as enhanced customer experience, we’ll see growth and implementation throughout the market and industry.

Datalogic Helps Improve Customer Loyalty for 7-Eleven Shoppers

Posted June 17, 2015

Datalogic QuickScan I Lite QW2100 Barcode ScannersDatalogic has announced that the QuickScan Lite QW2100 handheld scanner was selected by the Philippine Seven Corporation, the 7-Eleven regional affiliate, for use in approximately 1,300 7-Eleven stores throughout the Philippines. The QuickScan devices will be used to enhance the loyalty program that provides reward points redemption and promotional discounts at the checkout.

7-Eleven is one of the largest chains of convenience stores worldwide and, in the Philippines, it is the market leader with a 60% market share. The loyalty program, called “Every Day! Rewards”, is implemented on an App created by 7-Eleven and offers members special deals and discounts directly to their smartphones. Shoppers can use their smartphones to retrieve their rewards instantly at the checkout.  In order to implement the enhanced loyalty program a device was needed that was able to read bar codes on phone screens quickly to allow customers to get through checkout at a fast pace.

The small, lightweight and ergonomic QuickScan imager is comfortable to use and allows operators to acquire even particularly long bar codes. The device is a great entry-level solution for automatic data collection, providing excellent performance for any application using linear bar codes. The QuickScan QW2100 imager’s wide scanning angle can also read longer codes without moving the product as its thin and long scan line is very similar to that of a laser scanner.

“Today most shoppers have a mobile device that is a fixture wherever they go. It is the ideal platform for communicating and sustaining customer loyalty,” comments Giulio Berzuini, Vice President of EMEA Sales and General Manager of the Hand Held Scanning Business Unit for Datalogic. “Unlike retailers that use traditional cards, 7-Eleven has chosen to listen to their customers and give them a loyalty platform that works with their lifestyle. We are happy that the QuickScan is part of their solution.”

The QuickScan QW2100 imager has been so successful it has become the standard for 7-Eleven checkout systems in the Philippines. The QuickScan imager will be used in 500 more stores that the company plans to open in the Philippines in the near future.

Primera’s New LX2000 Color Label Printer

Posted June 15, 2015

Primera LX2000 Color Label PrintersThe new LX200 is Primera’s fastest-ever desktop color printer. It produces labels at speeds of up to 6″ per second – about 25% faster than Primera’s best-selling LX900 Color Label Printer.

Large, separate ink cartridges for cyan, magenta, yellow and black keep the cost per label low. Other features include pigment-based ink for stronger resistance to UV light, chemicals and water, built in “pizza-wheel” cutter, viewing window to see label stock levels and wired Ethernet or USB 2.0 and wireless connection options.

“LX2000 represents an entirely new product class in desktop label printing,” said Mark D. Strobel, Primera’s vice president of sales and marketing. “With large ink tanks we can offer an extremely competitive cost per label. Our print speeds rival printers that cost up to three times more. We have pigment ink that has far more resistance to water, chemicals and UV light. Print quality is superb. Add to that our wired Ethernet or USB 2.0 or wireless connection options, along with 8″ print width and you’ve got everything most companies would ever need. With LX2000, there are only benefits and no compromises.”

Typical applications include product labels for coffee, wine, water, bakery, confectionary, meat, cheese and hundreds of other specialty and gourmet foods. LX2000 is also ideal for private labeling, test marketing, pre-press proofing and retail labeling.

For those who need a GHS compliant label solution, LX2000 is the perfect choice. With its pigment ink and Primera’s Tuffcoat Extreme PolyJet material, LX2000 has already passed Section 3, BS5609 testing. The testing included removal of print by adhesive tape, abrasion resistance and permanence of print evaluations under extreme conditions, including exposure to UV light and repeated salt spray and immersion. The material and printed images from LX2000 passed in all three categories.

Printer drivers are included for Windows Vista/7/8, along with Bartender Ultralite Software (for Windows) to format label designs, add barcodes, QR codes, etc. Most other popular graphic design programs for Windows can be used to design and print labels. A Mac driver is currently under development.

Qualified substrates include many different inkjet label materials, including Primera’s exclusive Tuffcoat Extreme white and clear polyester and white BOPP, as well as the new Tuffcoat Extreme PolyJet. Paper labels are also available in high-gloss, semi-gloss and matte finishes.

Star’s New AllReceipts Digital Receipt App

Posted June 11, 2015

Star TSP143 POS PrinterPrinted receipts are valuable to customers providing proof of purchase for in-store security, processing returns, and warranty and expense claims. However, faded and misplaced receipts can cause frustration for customers, especially during a stressful tax season. The AllReceipts app alleviates this concern with a cloud-based digital receipt solution enabling the ability to store and manage receipts digitally.

The AllReceipts app is free to download and provides a secure cloud solution in which a digital copy of the printed receipt can be claimed by scanning a QR code printed on the receipt from any Star TSP100 thermal receipt printer models. Complementing the printed receipt, the customer can now access the digital version of the receipt on the app organized by date and by retailer. Star’s AllReceipts solution does not require customers to provide an email address or other personal information contrary to currently available e-receipt solutions. Instead, customers can remain anonymous and eliminate issues such as spam and privacy.

Key Features

  • Customers can download the free AllReceipts App
  • Save a digital copy of receipts on the mobile device of choice
  • No need to take images of receipts for storage
  • No need to submit email address or mobile number
  • Receipts can be filed and retrieved by date or retailer
  • Instant customer satisfaction survey aides consumers and retailers
  • Retailers get data on every printed and claimed receipt
  • Retailers get AllReceipt’s real time status Device Management Tool

Download the free AllReceipts app today!

Zebra’s Swipe Assist for Mobile Devices

Posted June 10, 2015

Swipe Assist is a Zebra software utility that allows users to create and place a virtual data capture button on the screen of their mobile computer, bringing the simplicity and flexibility of touch computing to data capture. Now, users can simply tap the onscreen button to scan a barcode, capture information on a document or take a picture — instead of using the physical data capture button.

Swipe Assist is available for the:

WiNG Express from Zebra – Infographic

Posted June 9, 2015

WiNG Express helps small to mid-size organizations better compete by providing a true enterprise class WLAN that delivers the dependable and secure high performance wireless voice and data required to achieve best-in-class operational efficiency and deliver best-in-class customer service. From the retail store to the warehouse, a production line in a small manufacturing plant or patient bedside in a small hospital, with WiNG Express, you can count on:

  • Real enterpriseclass wireless network performance for small to mid-size organizations with 1 to 1,024 access points.
  • A robust enterprise-class WLAN you can easily deploy in minutes
  • The ability to start small and easily scale to support new business needs and a growing workforce.
  • Powerful analytics to best manage your access points and WLAN performance.
  • Attractive price point for small- to mid-size enterprise-class WLANs — without compromising on enterprise-class functionality


Zello ‘Push to Talks’ (PTT) Now Available for Falcon X3+, Skorpio X3, Memor X3 and Lynx Mobile Computers

Posted June 4, 2015

Datalogic Falcon X3+ Handheld ComputersDatalogic has announced Zello Push to Talk (PTT) functionality on Datalogic mobile computers. The Zello PTT client provides instant communications between Datalogic mobile devices or between a host and Datalogic devices, thereby increasing productivity. Zello provides enterprise grade security and manageability required for running field service, warehouse, retail and other mission critical applications.


  • Easy to Demo (Free Trial – up to 5 users)
  • Wi-Fi or WWAN (3G or 4G) Support Worldwide coverage, any carrier or network
  • Cloud (SaaS) and local server options
  • Connects to existing two-way radio systems
  • Highly secure – encrypted conversations
  • Conversation history (replay)
  • Web administration
    • Channels
    • Users
    • Settings
  • Bluetooth or wired headset support and handset/speaker mode
  • internationally supported (22 languages)
  • Assign a dedicated talk key on Datalogic devices
  • Integration with 3rd Party Solutions via SDK/AP


  • Easy to Use – Just push the button to talk (low data usage)
  • Rapid Deployment – minimal setup and configuration
  • Zello supports ‘channels’ where you can talk to 1 or up to 1,000 people all over the world… at the same time!
  • Zello setup is lightweight and uses very little system resources and memory


The following Datalogic mobile computers have been certified with Zello Push to Talk:

For more information on the Datalogic Zello compatibility or for assistance finding the right Datalogic mobile device for your needs, contact us at Barcode Discount.

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