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A New Version of BarTender is Coming!

Posted April 24, 2015

Seagull BarTender 10.1 Barcode Label SoftwareThe industry’s most popular and easiest to use label design software, BarTender, is about to get a new major update release!

The new version of BarTender will bring some of the most requested features and enhancements. More details on these will be coming shortly but as all previous updates, you can expect a range of features to make the label making and management process even more efficient and streamlined.

No matter the application size, from a few labels a day to an automated warehouse or distribution center, Seagull’s Bartender has the tools to make printing easy with high quality results.

Contact one of our account managers to stay connected when the new release is available.


Super Taco Super-Sizes Sales and Customer Engagement with Star’s AsuraCPRNT Kiosk

Posted April 20, 2015

Star AsuraCPRNT POS PrinterEstablished in 1991, Super Taco Mexican Restaurants serves authentic, home-style Mexican food that has been recognized by local media as “the best in town.” In addition to preparing food from unique recipes and using only the freshest ingredients, the operator prides itself on valuing its customers and providing the highest caliber of services to patrons of its four locations in the Sacramento, California area.

Despite this reputation, Super Taco’s operation needed to improve its marketing plan. At the time, the restaurateur had no way to amass a list of patrons and their email addresses, communicate with customers, reward loyal patrons with preferential treatment, or reach out to individuals who had not visited the establishment for a while. Other than relying on employees’ memories, there was no means of recognizing patrons between visits to the restaurant, especially when they returned after an absence of a few weeks or months. Neither collecting customer feedback after each visit, nor obtaining customer demographics, was possible.

The Solution

To address these issues, Super Taco deployed a bundled solution comprised of one Star AsuraCPRNT mini kiosk and the Riiwards Inc.’s customer loyalty application.AsuraCPRNT is a robust, feature-rich, interactive all-in-one mini-kiosk that delivers audio-visual messages on its own screen as well as on external digital signage. Standing 15 inches tall, the kiosk offers powerful computing capabilities in the form of a reliable ARM processor that manages its seven-inch touch-screen display and integrated, high-speed three-inch receipt printer. These capabilities, coupled with the option to drive content to other devices (e.g., smart phones, tablets and digital signage) make AsuraCPRNT a powerful customer engagement tool and allow operators to consistently provide an interactive in-store experience that leads to repeat business.

Meanwhile, Riiwards is a simple, yet powerful cloud-based solution that makes optimal use of email, mobile, and social media technologies to drive profitability. It automatically builds “opt-in” email and phone lists, as well as detailed customer profiles (name, gender, age group, birthday, and anniversary), using data input by customers into the kiosk. Blanket or segmented email communications (e.g., targeted toward patrons who have not recently visited the store or restaurant recently, or to individuals in a particular demographic group) can be produced using Riiwards’ world-class email templates. Reports detailing daily customer activities, customer analytics, and demographics are easily created.

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Seagull Named Organization of the Year by AIM North America

Posted April 16, 2015

Seagull Scientific has been named Organization of the Year by AIM North America, the industry association and authority on barcode, RFID, RTLS and mobile computing.

The award is “testament to a company which consistently puts the AIDC industry first,” said Mary Lou Bosco, Chief Operating Officer for AIM, Inc. and AIM North America. “Many others claim this, but we too often see that sales are the key catalyst for action.”

She continued: “Seagull demonstrates a commitment to going above and beyond in all aspects of their endeavors and understands this dedication not only enhances Seagull’s reputation, but translates into growth for the entire AIDC industry as well as the success of their business.”

For assistance finding the right Seagull product for your business needs, contact us at Barcode Discount.

Star’s Mobile SM-T400i Now Features Label Printing

Posted April 14, 2015

StarStar SM-T400i POS Printer has announced new thermal labels certified to work with the SM-T400i portable Bluetooth printer. As the widest format portable Bluetooth printer in Star’s “i” Series, the SM-T400i is a rugged four inch portable Bluetooth printer with a wide 104mm printable area, ideal for data filled service reports, delivery notes or law enforcement citations. The SM-T400i includes both transmissive and reflective sensors enabling label printing.

The new printing options will help quickly and easily print labels ideal for government, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and shipping and receiving industry applications. With three thermal label sizes available in various heights, the SM-T400i can accommodate most labeling applications with the ability to print from virtually any device.

The SM-T400i is an Apple MFi certified, portable receipt and label printer which can be use with the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. With operating system support for iOS, Android and Windows, the SM-T400i also boasts a configurable Eco-Friendly Auto Power Down mode. Dust protected and splash-proof resistant (IP54 Certified), the SM-T400i is a welcomed option for any environment.

In addition to a print speed of 80mm per second, Star’s SM-T400i prints at a resolution of 203 DPI and comes with “Drop-In and Print” easy paper loading as well as an LCD display. It ships complete with an AC charger, battery pack, serial cable, sample roll, belt clip and set-up sheet.

White Paper: Mobile Device Convergence in Healthcare

Posted April 10, 2015

Honeywell Captuvo SL22 for Apple iPod Touch 5g Handheld ComputersSmartphones have transformed the way healthcare providers communicate, and these mobile devices are poised to revolutionize the way hospitals deliver care in 2014 and beyond.

Texting long ago surpassed voice calls as the favored method of communication among the general population, and it is rapidly gaining favor in hospitals. Doctors and nurses already exchange patient related texts on their own personal phones at many facilities, and as more hospitals issue mobile devices to employees, the ability to communicate quickly and access and update patient data on the move has become a critical function.

Deploying mobile, flexible, and reliable IT tools to caregivers is a top priority for provider organizations that not only need to meet new regulatory and technology requirements, but want to do so efficiently. At Cedars-Sinai Hospital in California, for example, the combination of smartphones and a new software solution to help prioritize alarms resulted in faster response times for emergency conditions, and a 50 percent reduction in overhead pages. Laboratory values are received 10 minutes faster and nurses are able to spend more time at the bedsides of patients who require their attention, according to a case study published by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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Zebra’s Software Update for the MC67 Android

Posted April 8, 2015

Motorola MC67 Handheld ComputersZebra introduced the MC67NA Android version in February 2014 that brought to market a premium 4G/HSPA rugged EDA in a field proven form factor that is easy to use and easy to carry for converged voice and data applications inside and outside the enterprise.

As outlined in previously releases, the MC67NA Android configurations utilize a 3.5” VGA color display which is facing an end-of-life situation. To ensure a robust supply chain, the MC67 Android configurations are transitioning to a new 3.5” VGA color display. Users will experience no change in quality with the new display being brighter (900 NITs maximum).

In addition to the new display, a new Operating System will be released which supports the new display as well as fixes and enhancements including but not limited to:

  • Additional accessory support (TRG5500, RS507, CRD5501-1000XR)
  • Localized keypad support
  • Internal memory partition
  • ETSI compliance version of WLAN software

Zebra highly recommends that customers use Build Number 01-4AJ11-J-2100-0001-00-M1-030515 as their baseline OS going forward. The new Build Number will also become the baseline OS used by service for devices going through the repair process.

For assistance identifying and updating your MC67, contact us at Barcode Discount.


Zebra’s ZQ110 Most Compact 2″ Mobile Printer

Posted April 3, 2015

Zebra ZQ110 Portable Label PrinterThe new ZQ110 is Zebra’s smallest and most affordable 2-inch mobile receipt printer – combining an ultra-compact design with rugged durability and reliable performance. Small and lightweight enough to fit in a pocket or wear comfortably on a belt for an entire shift, the ZQ110 is the perfect match for printing on the go

Offering Bluetooth and WLAN support, as well as a full-shift battery life, the ZQ110 is made for use in the field. The ZQ110 printer also offers an optional magnetic stripe reader (MSR) for applications that require reading loyalty gift cards or for authenticating a user. The ZQ110 also supports the latest Android, Windows and Apple (MFi-certified) operating systems to easily integrate with any mobile device.

Ideal application uses:

  • Receipt Printing in Mobile Point-of-Sale and Queue-busting
  • Simple Receipt Printing
  • On-Demand Receipts for Store Pre-sales
  • Invoices and Deliveries
  • Merchandise Specifications
  • Mobile Promotion Vouchers
  • Merchandise Pick-up Slips
  • VIP Access Upgrade
  • Wholesale Distributors’ Route Accounting (DSD)
  • Field Service Receipts
  • Passenger Ticketing
  • E-Citation

For assistance finding the right mobile printer for your needs, contact us at Barcode Discount.

Evaluating Barcode Reading Technologies: Laser vs. Imager

Posted April 1, 2015

Microscan QX-830 Fixed Mount Barcode ScannersChoosing the right barcode reading technology is fundamental to achieving optimal performance from a data collection solution. As new symbologies and technologies are developed, the choices are more varied than ever. There has been much debate on the merits of laser-based and imager-based barcode readers, and in fact, some have asserted that only imager-based readers should be considered for new automation applications.

Should laser barcode scanners be considered “obsolete” technology and are imagers (camera-based readers) the only viable technology for today’s applications? While imagers have seen increased use due to the growing adoption of 2D symbols such as Data Matrix, laser scanners still set the standard for accurate, high speed barcode reading in many applications. The optimal barcode reading solution will be dictated by the specific requirements of an application.

3 Critical Considerations:

  1. „Is the application using 1D, stacked, 2D, or a combination of symbols?
  2. Are the barcodes good quality and consistently placed?
  3. „„Is it a high speed application?

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Datalogic’s Stylish and Full-Featured Cobalto CO5300 Presentation Scanner

Posted March 30, 2015

During daily retail scanning activities, an operator’s best experience is to work with a fast, easy-to-use, friendly, and pleasant looking device that they can rely on. Combining all these features together, the new Cobalto CO5300  from Datalogic guarantees an excellent value for customers looking for outstanding performance in a stylish and full-featured omnidirectional presentation scanner.

Datalogic’s New Multi-Purpose 2D Capable Skorpio X3 Mobile Computers

Posted March 27, 2015

DatalogicDatalogic Skorpio X3 Handheld Computers is pleased to announce that the highly successful Skorpio X3 product line has been further enhanced, now with additional models featuring our new 2D multi-purpose imaging engine.

The new 2D engine is easily recognized with its highly visible white-illumination and is equipped with Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology. Ideally suited for most any general purpose need for reading 1D or 2D codes, the multi-purpose imager is the best choice for future-proofing your customer.

Features and Benefits of the Multi-Purpose 2D Imager

  • With only one set of optics, the multi-purpose 2D imager can address a wide range of applications, from high density bar codes to the standard range distances
  • Aiming is fast and simplified by using 4 dots to indicate the scanning area
  • White illumination is easier on the human eyes and reads colored labels better

For assistance finding the right mobile computer for your needs, contact us at Barcode Discount.

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