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Improving Your Distribution Center Efficiency with Honeywell

Posted March 2, 2015

distoHoneywellYour distribution center operations are complex – from picking, packing and shipping, to receiving, putaway and replenishment. Slim margins and fierce competition leave no room for error – and the race to improve never ends. So what separates the best-in-class from the rest? Honeywell. Only Honeywell offers a complete portfolio of integrated workflow solutions to deliver what your business needs: Total DC optimization – and the results to prove it.

Deliver Unmatched Worker Productivity and Accuracy

Honeywell’s passion for productivity improvements drives their deep knowledge of distribution centers, and ensures that they’re focused on the issues that make a real difference to your business: Discovering new ways to achieve operational efficiency and productivity, while also driving down labor costs. Honeywell enables you to achieve these gains through comprehensive solutions that integrate purpose-built data collection devices, Vocollect Voice  solutions, and end-to-end data management.

To discover the ways that any operation can achieve best-in class performance, Honeywell commissions research into how real distribution centers operate – including a global survey of 250 senior supply chain and distribution center managers. Based on this study, a few of the many challenges DCs commonly face are presented at right.

As Honeywell customers can attest, they help businesses throughout the world address these challenges by optimizing the workflows that are key to their operations. First, each solution is designed from their comprehensive portfolio of integrated products, applications, and services. Then they tailor the solution to meet your specific business needs, refining your workflows to deliver unbeatable user preference and cutting-edge bottom-line results.

Click on the accompanying chart for a breakdown by application use of Honywell’s scanner and mobile computers designed for distribution operations.

Datalogic Introduces the New Heron HD3100 Retail Scanner

Posted February 26, 2015

Datalogic Heron HD3100 Barcode ScannersThe Heron HD3100 scanner bridges the gap between man and machine while bringing unmatched elegance and the latest advance technology to the point-of-sale. The Heron scanner brings sophistication, class and style to the retail POS. It offers multiple opportunities to incorporate the retailer’s brand through customization. Options including multiple color changing lights, innovative ‘carbon-fiber’ or ‘silver’ designs that can be customized with logos, and polyphonic speakers for audio feedback offer retailers a wide variety of choices. By extending the brand experience to the final interaction at the POS, the Heron scanner helps reinforce the value retailers extend to their customers.

“The Heron HD3100 linear imager is like no other scanner on the market giving retailers more than just a device to read bar codes.” states Giulio Berzuini, Vice President of EMEA Sales and General Manager of the Hand Held Scanning Business Unit for Datalogic. “The Heron HD3100 imager builds upon the worldwide success of its predecessor with improved reading capabilities and new distinctive features that bring the POS checkout to a whole new level.”

The Heron HD3100 reader comes with an autosensing stand that allows for the easy transition from handheld to presentation mode automatically. This imager also provides the patented Datalogic ‘Green Spot’ for good-read feedback, as well as functioning as an aiming tool. It has a drop resistance of 1.5m/5.0ft and IP40 particulate and sealant rating for robustness and durability. It is designed with state-of the art components and is available in multi-interface capabilities for POS applications.

Retail, fashion and specialty POS stations will certainly step up their game and branding capabilities with the presence of the Heron HD3100 imager at the checkout.

Star’s SM-T400i Series Mobile Printer for iOS, Android, and Windows

Posted February 25, 2015

Star’s SM-T400i series brings the same 4″ width printing found on a desktop printer in a portable, compact design. With support for receipt/label printing and support for iOS, Android, and Windows environments, it’s the perfect solution for any application that requires reliable printing in the field.

Apple MFi certified, the SM-T400i and SM-T404i portable receipt printers are approved for use with the iPod  Touch, iPhone and iPad. With operating system support for iOS, Android and Windows, the SM-T400i and  SM-T404i also boast a configurable Eco-Friendly Auto Power Down mode. As an added convenience, the SMT404i offers a MSR which adds even more functionality to the base model SM-T400i. Dust protected and splashproof resistant (IP54 Certified), the SM-T400i and SM-T404i are welcomed option for any environment.


  • MFi Certified- pairs with all Bluetooth devices as well as iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
  • 4 Inch Ultra Durable Portable Printer
  • Dust Protected, Splash Proof (IP54 Certified)
  • Optional Magnetic Stripe Reader
  • High Speed: 80mm/sec max
  • Bluetooth/ Serial Connections Available
  • Backlit LCD Display

Motorola’s TC55 Touch Computer Now Available with Verizon Voice and Data

Posted February 23, 2015

Motorola TC55 Handheld ComputersTo get the job done, today’s workers need access to business-critical applications out in the field. To do so, they want a mobile business device that is every bit as small, sleek and easy to use as their own personal smartphones. Today’s enterprises are aware of worker expectations, and the low price point of consumer smartphones. At first glance, consumer smartphones appear to meet worker expectations at an initial acquisition cost that is much lower than their enterprise rugged counterparts. But in reality, today’s smartphones fall far short of the attributes and features required in the enterprise. Not only do consumer device failures impact productivity, they typically cost more in the long run, and fall short of the key features required to truly maximize worker productivity and efficiency.

Introducing the TC55 — the pocket-sized all touch computer that has it all. It may look like part of today’s consumer smartphone family, but the similarities stop there. The TC55 is a personal touch computer, built for business.
TC55 Touch Computer

  • 3G EvDO and CDMA voice and data or 4G LTE data only for the Verizon network
  • Standard Configuration with Google Mobile Services (GMS) and Professional Configuration without GMS
  • 1D imager, an 8MP camera optimized for 1D and 2D bar code scanning
  • Full shift best-in-class battery life
  • Dual mode (usable when wet/dry or with gloves) multi-touch, capacitive touch screen
  • Super bright 700 NIT 4.3” display for viewing in all lighting conditions
  • Bundled Service from the Start (SFS) provides peace of mind and lower total cost of ownership
  • Enterprise durability including 4’ drop & IP67 submersible sealing, and 5 ‘ drop with boot to concrete
  • Ideal for line of business applications
  • Smartphone-like pocketable form factor
  • Designed for personal or shared use 1.5 GHz dual-core processor
  • 1GB RAM / 8GB Flash

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The XYZ’s of BYOD

Posted February 20, 2015

Most of the considerable attention given to the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend is focused on management and sales professionals who use their mobile computers for messaging and to access spreadsheets, documents and other mainstream applications. The BYOD value proposition and strategy considerations are quite different for workers who depend heavily on their devices for job-specific tasks and workflows like field service, inspection, delivery and other activities that may be completed miles from the home office. This white paper identifies BYOD considerations that are specific to these “device-dependent” mobile workers so enterprises can accurately assess the true costs and strategic value of BYOD in those environments. It will specifically address BYOD program implications for:

  • The devices themselves
  • Mobile device software and the developers who create and maintain it
  • The mobile workers who depend on devices to complete their core job tasks
  • The IT staffers that support them

BYOD is an appealing concept for workers and enterprise management alike, but the true value of BYOD programs comes down to how well the details are thought through and managed. Not all devices are created equal, so allowing BYOD necessitates making some tradeoffs that can sacrifice performance to accommodate user preference. There are more of these tradeoffs than most people realize, especially when devices are used by workers who perform specialized tasks.

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Make any Cash Drawer Wireless with Star’s DK-AirCash

Posted February 18, 2015

Star DK-AirCashTraditionally, cash drawers are controlled manually (key operated) or by a wired connection to a Point of Sale system or through a wired connection to a receipt printer. The DK-AirCash enables the control of the cash drawer either directly through WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth or MFi certified Bluetooth (Apple certified for use with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) connection. The DK-AirCash connects through the cash drawer’s drawer kick port. This upgrades an existing cash drawer’s interface from a 24v printer connection to a WiFi Ethernet, Bluetooth or MFi certified Bluetooth or connection.

Once physically connected, simply integrate the StarIO SDK (software development kit) into your application to start using DK-AirCash. By allowing secure control of your cash drawer wirelessly, you now have flexibility to configure the store layout without restriction due to wiring or other traditional infrastructure limitations.

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Datamax-O’Neil Announces Enhanced RLe Series Portable Printers

Posted February 17, 2015

Datamax-O'Neil RL4e Thermal Barcode Label PrinterDatamax-O’Neil has announced the new enhanced versions of the RL Series of rugged Portable label printers, the RL3e and RL4e. As you have come to expect from Datamax-O’Neil Portable products; these 3” and 4” printers are ultrarugged, withstanding multiple 6 foot drops to concrete and Tumble Tested to greater than 2,000 3 ft. cycles. The new RLe Series incorporate a suite of flexible, high-performance features deigned to improve associate productivity and enhance operational efficiencies.

The RLe Series includes the following product enhancements designed to address the critical needs of Enterprise label printing requirements:

  • 802.11 A/B/G/N, Bluetooth Dual Radio
    • Flexibility in device management
    • Stay connected outside the Wi-Fi Network
    • Product and file updates over a secure FTP connection
  • Increased Memory 64MB DRAM / 128MB FLASH
    • Faster file processing resulting in faster print throughput
  • New Scripting and Configuration tools built upon widely used programming tools designed to minimize IT impact built right in to the printer.
    • Create scripts that modify and enhance the printer’s capabilities. Make the printer work in your existing environment and not the other way around.
    • Create menus that display custom messages and access functional scripts that extend the printer’s capability and language into your environment.
  • Smart / High Performance Battery
    • Access to key health statistics; Battery Status, State of Charge, Serial Number, Manufacture Date
    • Able to last a complete shift printing crisp, easy to read and scan labels on demand
  • A full suite of printer language emulation support
    • DPL, ZPL II, CPCL, IPL , MCPL, XML, EPL Easy Print
  • Multiple O/S Compatibility
    • Windows (Desktop & Tablet) 7.x/ 8.x, Windows CE 5.x/6.x, Window Phone 7.x/8.x
    • Android 4.0 – 4.3
  • New configurable Multi-bay charging option
    • Suitable for both Retail Storage areas as well as Route/DSD Settlement Rooms
  • Supported by a 2 year warranty

Socket Mobile Delivers Full Featured CHS 8QI Attachable Scanner

Posted February 13, 2015

Socket CHS 8Qi Barcode ScannersSocket announced today the availability of their CHS 8Qi cordless handheld scanner. The CHS 8Qi is the second model in the progression of the compact cordless barcode scanners which are attachable to most smartphones enabling one‐handed barcode scanning.

The new CHS 8Qi is designed for high‐performance allowing scanning of most 1D or 2D barcodes.  An ideal choice in Point‐of‐Sale applications where 1D UPC Barcodes, 2D Mobile Coupons and Loyalty Cards need to be scanned. It is also suited for Mobile Ticketing where 2D barcodes are gaining popularity for security and data capacity. The CHS 8Qi attaches to most tablets, laptops and smartphones including the latest Apple iPhone, iPod touch and Android devices in a sled‐type configuration solution.

The CHS 8Qi captures any type of barcode, even under less‐than‐optimal circumstances. The robust engine can read barcodes printed on labels or displayed on a mobile phone screen, high density barcodes, poorly printed barcodes, damaged barcodes and barcodes under shrink wrap.  In addition, the CHS 8Qi provides a “pick list” feature that allows selective reading of a single barcode out of a set of codes that are very close together. Finally, because of its advanced illumination system, the CHS 8Qi handheld scanner makes it easy to capture any bar code on the first scan.

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NYC cigarette display ban could spark greater need for inventory systems

Posted March 18, 2013

Grocery chains, drug stores and other food retailers in New York City may soon have to hide their tobacco products.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg – who recently attempted to halt large sugary drink consumption in the city – announced the proposition of another health law that could affect stores’ product displays.

Under the terms of the Tobacco Product Display Restriction bill, businesses that sell tobacco products like cigarettes would have to take them off store shelves and keep them in a place that is not visible to shoppers, except during purchase and restocking.

“Such displays suggest that smoking is a normal activity,” Bloomberg said, according to Washington Post. “And they invite young people to experiment with tobacco.”

Tobacco stores would be an exception to the ban.

If the bill passes, food sellers and other companies that carry tobacco items will have to determine the most effective way to store and sell them. Because these products will no longer be out in the open, some company managers may find it more difficult to effectively track and manage stock. Businesses may consider relying on an inventory management system and barcode scanners to insure products orders and sales are properly overseen.

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St. Patrick’s Day creates opportunities for retailers

Posted March 15, 2013

The holidays are always a great time for retailers to roll out new products and show off their new point of sale systems because consumers are looking to continue their celebrations. St. Patrick’s Day is no different, and a recent survey from the National Retail Federation (NRF) revealed total spending for the holiday is expected to approach nearly $5 billion.

Retailers must ensure they have plenty of festive attire in stock with the survey showing the average person will spend nearly $35 on green clothing, decor and spirits. A well managed inventory system is the perfect tool to ensure everything is in stock to meet customer expectations.

“St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect reminder that spring is right around the corner, and given the type of winter many Americans have had, it’s safe to say consumers are ready to shake off their winter blues with a little green,” said Matthew Shay, president and CEO of the NRF. “Budget-conscious shoppers will look for promotions ahead of time hoping to kill two birds with one stone, shopping for Easter gifts while picking out shamrock-themed decorations.”

U.S. News & World Report noted holiday budgets will become a little bit larger, especially for consumers who are looking to enjoy themselves by indulging in a few cocktails or a nice meal. Businesses of all kinds must be prepared for the added sales potential created by St. Patrick’s Day.

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