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Ensure an Accurate Checkout with Datalogic’s Magellan All-Weights Scale Platter

Posted August 4, 2015

Weighing produce at the point of sale works the same way. A long leek, a bunch of Bok Choy, stalks of celery, a cantaloupe, or bag of oranges will all try to disguise their weight. If only a small part of the stalk, bag, or leaves touch a non-weighing surface of the checkout scanner the recorded weight will be less than the true weight

Despite the best training efforts, hurried checkers are often not diligent about making sure that all parts of the produce or the bags containing produce are touching only the weight surface of the scanner/scale. Produce often touches the counter surrounding the scanner/scale or the vertical window of the bi-optic scanner. Checkers tend to place large round produce like cantaloupe against the vertical window to prevent it from rolling. In most scanner/scales this results in lower weights and lost produce sales. In real world tests at grocery retailers, these losses have been measured at .5% to over 2% of all bulk weighed produce. T

The Datalogic All-Weighs scale platter for the Magellan scanner/scale series is a solution that will drastically reduce these losses. The All-Weighs scale platter patented design joins the horizontal and vertical platters to make one solid piece. This solid construction transfers the weight to the scale and ensures accurate weighing.

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