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Evaluating Barcode Reading Technologies: Laser vs. Imager

Posted April 1, 2015

Microscan QX-830 Fixed Mount Barcode ScannersChoosing the right barcode reading technology is fundamental to achieving optimal performance from a data collection solution. As new symbologies and technologies are developed, the choices are more varied than ever. There has been much debate on the merits of laser-based and imager-based barcode readers, and in fact, some have asserted that only imager-based readers should be considered for new automation applications.

Should laser barcode scanners be considered “obsolete” technology and are imagers (camera-based readers) the only viable technology for today’s applications? While imagers have seen increased use due to the growing adoption of 2D symbols such as Data Matrix, laser scanners still set the standard for accurate, high speed barcode reading in many applications. The optimal barcode reading solution will be dictated by the specific requirements of an application.

3 Critical Considerations:

  1. „Is the application using 1D, stacked, 2D, or a combination of symbols?
  2. Are the barcodes good quality and consistently placed?
  3. „„Is it a high speed application?

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