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Sequence puzzles are brainteasers that use sequences in any set of numbers to create patterns. These patterns can sometimes be quite easily spotted, or they may be very hard to figure out and, thus, require extra time to deduce. Sequence puzzles are typically used in places like textbooks for students to use to sharpen their cognitive and problem-solving skills. In case one does not understand what a sequence puzzle is, an example will now be provided:

In a sequence that is made up of the number 1, 4, 6, 16, 25, 36 and 49, what number will follow next in the sequence?

The answer is 64 because it is the next number in a sequence of squares of consecutive numbers.

Sequence puzzles are ideal for sharpening the brain for homework, essays, tests, entrance exams, and even just for personal fun to stay mentally sharp and fit. Both students and teachers can stay on top of their mental skills by practicing their sequence puzzles.

Here are some perfect resources to find out more about sequence puzzles:

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