Benefits of a DoorDash Receipt Printer

June 16, 2022
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How a DoorDash Receipt Printer Can Assist You With Order Management

Many firms are moving to remote work and more flexible corporate structures as a result of the novel coronavirus worldwide pandemic and COVID-19. To safeguard their neighborhoods and restrict the spread of COVID-19, eateries are fast transitioning to a takeout and delivery-only business.


POS Receipt Printer on the Go

DoorDash has a customizable system that enables drivers to receive orders and deliver meals swiftly and efficiently. The Star TSP100III thermal receipt printer can assist in the management of these new tickets and the verification of delivery orders.


Easy Order Management with a DoorDash Receipt Printer

In many places, DoorDash is already a popular delivery alternative. DoorDash delivery workers and establishments will need to become more flexible as expert suggestions and state restrictions regarding COVID-19 push more restaurants and bars to deliver and takeout only.

Order receipts can be printed straight from the Order Management App using a Bluetooth-connected printer, such as those compatible with a DoorDash tablet. This improves order accuracy. On Barcode Discount, you can find printers that are compatible with DoorDash.

These DoorDash printer support tips can assist you if you haven’t yet linked a printer to your DoorDash tablet or the Order Management App (PDF).


Thermal Receipt Printers by Star

Thermal receipt printers from Star, such as those used by DoorDash, are designed for quick and easy setup and connectivity to devices through WLAN, LAN, and Bluetooth. The printer works with Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones over Bluetooth.

Star receipt printers are small enough to fit into any restaurant or bar environment, thanks to their small size and internal power supply. These printers can keep up with rising demand during these uncertain times, printing up to 43 receipts every minute.


Contact a Specialist

The specialists at Barcodes Discount are here to answer your concerns about flexible and mobile work solutions as your company adapts to changing legislation and suggestions. For product recommendations such as these DoorDash receipt printer alternatives and more, contact us today.

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