Best Barcode Printers

July 22, 2022

Best Barcode Printers

Barcode label printers are machines capable of printing barcodes, labels and tags that are commonly used on products around the world. These labels help businesses more easily scan and keep track of products shipped to consumers or other businesses. If you commonly print barcode labels for use on packages, envelopes, food items, boxes or a variety of other items, you’ll want to invest in a high-quality barcode printer.

Read our list of the top barcode printers in 2022.

Zebra ZD410

  • Direct thermal printer
  • 203, 300 dpi
  • 6 in./152 mm per second (203 dpi) 4 in./102 mm per second (300 dpi)

The Zebra ZD410 is a compact printer that is great for space-saving. As the smallest printer of its type, the ZD410 is compact, fast-paced printer capable of printing high-quality labels. Because the ZD410 is simple to use, operate, and troubleshoot, it guarantees that your printer will function properly at all times. Additionally, the Zebra OneCare service maximizes the availability and productivity of your ZD410 printers by providing excellent support from the manufacturer that covers everything, from worn out printheads to normal wear and tear. This ensures that your printers are always ready to print making sure you get the most out of them. The ZD410 is a terrific printer that offers features typically found in larger office machines.

Zebra ZD420

  • Thermal Transfer
  • 203 dpi (300 available)
  • 6 in./152 mm per second

Choose the class leader — the ZD420 — if you require a quick, 4-inch printer that is simple to use making for fast prints. More status indicators and a new ribbon cartridge increase uptime while making printing simpler than its predecessor. With compatibility for nearly all contemporary wired and wireless networking options and a variety of printer languages, using the ZD420 is always quick and simple. All you have to do is disconnect your current printer, plug the ZD420 in, and you’re ready to roll. When necessary, add new connectivity and media handling options immediately on the spot.

Intermec PM43

  • Thermal Transfer/Direct Thermal
  • 203, 300, 403 dpi
  • 100–300 mm/s (4–12 ips)

The PM Series printers are designed to provide maximum uptime and come with either a tamper-proof color touchscreen in 10 languages. The PM43 is one of the market’s most interconnected industrial printers. series includes Bluetooth® and Cisco® CCX certifications in addition to Wi-Fi. connection. Every printer comes pre-configured with Ethernet connectivity. As a third-generation industrial printer platform, rugged PM Series printers include features that increase uptime and reduce maintenance costs. A strong, metal construction is perfect for harsh industrial environments. And with Precision Print, even the smallest barcodes and images can be printed with pinpoint accuracy

Zebra ZT421

  • Thermal Transfer/Direct Thermal
  • 203, 300, 600 dpi
  • 12” (305mm/second)

The industrial printers from Zebra’s ZT421 Series offer a higher degree of performance, adaptability, and usability. The ZT421 targets a wide range of applications in manufacturing, transportation & logistics, retail, and more. It is available in three print resolutions and two print widths. The Link-OS-based Print DNA package of Zebra’s software, utilities, and development tools makes it simple to integrate and operate ZT421 printers. You can navigate quickly through the printer settings, connectivity options, and more on the 4.3-inch full-color touch display.

Zebra ZD621

  • Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer
  • 203 dpi (300 optional)
  • 8”/203 mm per second

You can easily rely on the ZD621 desktop printers to get the job done if you choose this printer for your printing applications. The dependable ZD621 stands out for its exceptional print quality, portability for application flexibility, cutting-edge technology, and field-installable options. It is easy to setup, operate, maintain, and keep secure. The potent ZD621 gives you the capacity to run more processes, do more operations concurrently, maintain security, and be ready for what’s ahead because it was built to operate today and in the future.

Zebra ZT230

  • Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer
  • 203 dpi
  • 6”/152 mm per second

The ZT230 offers users effortless setup, simple operation, and simple servicing and maintenance thanks to Zebra’s Link-OS environment. The ZT230 is the ideal option for a number of labeling applications, whether you’re replacing older printer models or implementing barcode technology for the first time. These cutting-edge printers offer numerous user advantages and are ENERGY STAR rated, so you may save money over the course of their lifespan. The ZT230 offers a graphical LCD user interface for simple printer setup and operation, a durable all-metal construction for long-lasting use, and an S4M replacement that blends in with your surroundings.

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