How to Print School ID Cards

August 8, 2022
school ids

School and University ID Cards

What was once just normal practice at colleges and universities are now utilized across the board at educational institutions of all shapes and sizes in the form of student identification cards. It is imperative that educational institutions take the appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of students and be one of the highest priorities. Maintaining efficient identification card programs in schools is becoming increasingly crucial as the number of safety concerns increases and funds become more constrained. Because of the rapid improvements in identification card technology, schools now have a wide range of choices at their disposal to address the specific issues and needs that they face.

How to Print School IDs

In order to print IDs, certain hardware and accessories will be necessary. This includes:

ID card printer – dual sided or single sided options exist. ID card printers vary in terms of how many cards can be printed and the speed at which they print.

ID cards – Various blank ID cards are available to use to print school IDs. Blank PVC cards are very common.

Ribbons – Ribbons are required as the ribbon and a heated printhead are used to print your card designs onto the card.

Software – Software allows for the design of card templates and managing other aspects of card printing.

What Can School IDs be used For?

Access control inside and outside of the school, library check-outs, time and attendance tracking, and general student identification are all part of our solutions.

  • Photo identification badges for students, faculty, and staff
  • School visitor & volunteer ID badges
  • Access control
  • Checkout procedures in the library
  • System for purchasing lunch or tickets to the cafeteria

School ID Solution

Barcodes Discount provides a complete ID card product solution to meet your school’s requirements for student identification cards. Our ID specialists are standing by to assist you in narrowing your options from among our extensive selection of ID card goods in order to locate the appropriate solution at the appropriate cost. We are able to provide a comprehensive solution for the safety of your students and schools, regardless of whether you need to print ID cards for universities that include choices for campus access management or just design cards for K-12 institutions.

school id cards

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