How to Scan a Driver’s License

June 16, 2022
scan driver's license

Is it Possible to Scan a Driver’s License Using a Barcode Scanner?


Driver’s licenses, arguably the most prevalent form of identification, are utilized whenever we need to verify who we are and, more often than not, how old we are. A rectangular black and white pattern known as a PDF417 barcode can be found on the backside of your ID. Although it does not appear to be a typical barcode, the PDF417 code incorporates all of the information on the front of your ID in one code.

The PDF417 barcode is a sort of 2D barcode that can hold far more data than the usual 1D code used on grocery store merchandise. QR Codes, which you may have scanned with your phone, are a type of barcode. A 2D Imager barcode scanner can read both of these forms of 2D codes.

Many businesses use your ID’s barcode and a 2D Imager like the AirTrack S2 to swiftly verify your age or gather your basic information to make signing up for a service easier. The main issue with the barcode on your driver’s license is that the information in the code is not organized in the same manner in every state. The benefit is that the information in the barcode cannot be changed, and creating a false one necessitates knowing exactly how each state encodes the data.
If the barcode isn’t properly produced, it won’t be read correctly.

Because the AirTrack S2 scanner can parse all of the data correctly, you can scan the code on the back of a driver’s license from any state to verify someone’s age quickly and precisely. Because each state arranges data differently, the scanner’s parsing software produces the data you need in the order you need it, regardless of which state you’re working with. It’s actually quicker than checking your ID.

Given how easy it is to get up and running, not employing a scanner for age verification and client information is no longer an option. You may totally avoid fake ID usage with a single scan, saving your company from legal hassles, errors, and lost money.

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With the correct hardware, scanning a driver’s license is simple and reliable. The AirTrack S2 is a common device for scanning licenses.

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