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HHP Scanners, Handheld Computers & Verifiers

As of January 1, 2005 HHP is now known as Handheld.

Dedicated to offering products uniquely tailored to markets such as retail, transportation, distribution, warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing, Hand Held offers the industry's best value and backs it up with expert, personalized service from start to finish. By investing in Hand Held products, our customers are able to reduce costs, improve service, and position their companies for future growth.

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All HHP Products

HHP ImageTeam 3800 Barcode Scanners

HHP ImageTeam 3800

The IMAGETEAM 3800 is a high performance handheld barcode scanner. Using unique linear imaging technology the IT3800 sets a new standard in automatic data collection by combining a bright sharp aiming line with high resolution imaging to deliver...

HHP ImageTeam 4600 Barcode Scanners

HHP ImageTeam 4600

The IMAGETEAM 46002D area imager from Handheld Products combines the versatility of area imaging with the speed and cost of linear scanning for a wide range of applications. Powered by Adaptus imaging, the IT46002D is full featured, fast, and cost...

HHP ImageTeam 4620 Barcode Scanners

HHP ImageTeam 4620

The IMAGETEAM 4620 delivers all the benefits of the IT4600, plus the freedom of wireless operation. In a single mobile product solution, you'll be able to perform world-class 2D and PDF417 reading, as well as reading linear, matrix, postal, OCR, and...

HHP ImageTeam 4800 Barcode Scanners

HHP ImageTeam 4800

The IMAGETEAM 4800 Industrial 2D Area Imager is the first handheld area image reader powered by Adaptus imaging technology. Adaptus technology decodes faster, farther, and future-proofs your investment.

HHP ImageTeam 5600 Barcode Scanners

HHP ImageTeam 5600

Handheld Products exclusive imaging technology provides breakthrough performance in the IMAGETEAM (IT) 5600 linear image. The most powerful linear imager ever produced, the IT5600 excels at read range, reading poor quality barcodes, and is extremely...

HHP ImageTeam 5620 Barcode Scanners

HHP ImageTeam 5620

Handheld Products adds another great handheld solution to its IMAGETEAM family of products - the IMAGETEAM 5620 Cordless Linear Imager. Built specifically to meet the demands of retail and light commercial applications, the IT5620 provides users...

HHP ImageTeam 5800 Barcode Scanners

HHP ImageTeam 5800

The IMAGETEAM 5800 Industrial image readers are the first industrial class readers to bring you Handheld Products industry-leading image technology, allowing you to read barcodes at ranges exceeding 82 inches (208cm).----In addition to read range,...

HHP ImageTeam 4410 Barcode Scanners

HHP ImageTeam 4410

The IMAGETEAM 4410 High Density Image Reader is a handheld input device for reading and decoding two dimensional (2D) symbologies and OCR text as well as capturing images for signature capture and related applications. Offering integrated support...

HHP ImageTeam 3870 Barcode Scanners

HHP ImageTeam 3870

Handheld Products is pleased to introduce linear imaging technology in a cordless scanner. A bright sharp aiming line and high-resolution imaging combine to deliver barcode reading performance that was previously only possible using a laser scanner....

HHP ScanTeam 5770 Barcode Scanners

HHP ScanTeam 5770

Cordless Scanning brings a new level of flexibility and productivity to applications using automatic data collection. Similar to the impact of cordless telephones in consumer markets the freedom of cordless scanning expands the applications for...

HHP Valueteam 3080 Barcode Scanners

HHP Valueteam 3080

VALUETEAM scanners offer the excellent scanning performance you expect from a Welch Allyn brand product at an attractive entry-level price. The VT3060 connects to the most often used terminals and PCs for Point-of-Sale or general-purpose...

HHP ImageTeam 4710 Barcode Scanners

HHP ImageTeam 4710

The IMAGETEAM 4710 Image Reader can be configured as either a handheld or fixed mount device which reads matrix stacked linear and conventional linear barcodes as well as a single line of OCR-A and OCR-B text. The IT4710 has the power to capture and...

HHP ScanTeam 6100 Barcode Scanners

HHP ScanTeam 6100

The ScanTeam 6100 series contact barcode scanner is available with visible red illumination and optics in a stainless steel housing. The ScanTeam 6100 has a large depth of field for excellent reading at large tilt angles and through...

HHP ScanTeam 6180 Barcode Scanners

HHP ScanTeam 6180

The ScanTeam 6180 is a Welch Allyn brand barcode wand reader-decoder. This product simplifies scanning and decoding by combining both functions into its standard wand housing. The ScanTeam 6180 is an economical compact solution for any...

HHP Dolphin 7200 Handheld Computers

HHP Dolphin 7200

The Dolphin 7200 is a rugged pocketsize computer and barcode scanner with an open DOS architecture and up to 12 MB of memory. Ergonomically designed for both right and left-handed use the Dolphin 7200 is available with a variety of integrated...

HHP Dolphin 7400 Handheld Computers

HHP Dolphin 7400

Step into the next generation of portable data collection with the Dolphin 7400. The 7400 adds a Microsoft Windows CE operating system to a modular portable handheld computer platform that features full alphanumeric keypad large quarter-screen...

HHP Dolphin 7600 Handheld Computers

HHP Dolphin 7600

The Dolphin 7600 is Handheld Products most compact mobile computer, offering a range of features and functionality superior to other devices in its class. Combining the data collection and communication attributes of an industrial grade mobile...

HHP Dolphin 7900 Handheld Computers

HHP Dolphin 7900

The Dolphin 7900 Mobile Computer packs all the performance and durability of the Dolphin 9500 and 9550 in a PDA-like, easy-to-use design. The Dolphin 7900 is ideal for change management, customer service, computer-aided ordering, store transfers,...

HHP Dolphin 9500 & 9550 Handheld Computers

HHP Dolphin 9500 & 9550

Handheld Products introduces the Dolphin 9500 and 9550 Mobile computers. More powerful and rugged than any portable computing device available, the new Dolphin 9500-9550 mobile computers significantly raise the bar in the field of mobile data...

HHP Quick Check 200 Series Barcode Verifiers

HHP Quick Check 200 Series

The Quick Check 200 series verifiers are compact, portable barcode verifiers that analyze barcode quality against traditional quality parameters and ANSI-CEN-ISO barcode print quality guidelines.----QC200 series verifiers are easy to use, yet packed...

HHP Quick Check 600 Series Barcode Verifiers

HHP Quick Check 600 Series

Bar code symbol reproduction accuracy is critical throughout the distribution supply chain, especially in an era of stringent compliance programs. With Handheld Products verification products you can be assured that you can produce, receive, and use...

HHP Quick Check 800 Series Barcode Verifiers

HHP Quick Check 800 Series

Bar code symbol reproduction accuracy is critical throughout the distribution supply chain, especially in an era of stringent compliance programs. With Handheld Products verification products you can be assured that you can produce, receive, and use...

HHP On-Line Verifier Barcode Verifiers

HHP On-Line Verifier

Handheld Products Quick Check Model QCOLV-SV100 Verifier is a universal system component that can analyze linear barcode print quality, check encoded data, and detect system failures. In its basic mode of operation, the QCOLV-SV100 performs barcode...

HHP Quick Check PC600 Barcode Verifiers

HHP Quick Check PC600

The Quick Check PC600 Verifier is a professional quality control tool for verifying the readability and standards compliance of printed barcodes. It consists of a Windows based software package and mouse wand or pen wand barcode optical sensing...

HHP ScanTeam ST 2000 C-1 Barcode Decoders

HHP ScanTeam ST 2000 C-1

The ScanTeam ST 2000 C-1 is a compact rugged keyboard wedge that transmits decoded barcode magnetic stripe and MICR data to a variety of terminals and PCs by emulating keyboard-terminal communications. This product supports the full range...

HHP ScanTeam ST 2010-1 Barcode Decoders

HHP ScanTeam ST 2010-1

The 2010 is an economical solution for a wide range of Keyboard wedge and serial RS-232 system interface requirements. It is designed to meet the functionality of other entry level wedge decoder products but will provide the additional Handheld...

HHP TT8500 Signature Pads

HHP TT8500

Handheld Products introduces the revolutionary Transaction Team 8500. This state-of -the-art terminal offers unrivaled power, versatility, and value. POS payments, EBT, signature capture, and in-lane, targeted communications are enabled by the...

HHP TT8810 Signature Pads

HHP TT8810

Handheld Products Transaction Team (TT) 8810 represents Handheld Products's standard offering moving forward. With a new touch screen stylus and screen protector system Handheld Products has enhanced the usability and extended the useful life of the...

HHP TT8870 Signature Pads

HHP TT8870

The Image Kiosk 8870 is a fully functional mini-kiosk that can check prices, interacts with the customer and processes transactions. The Image Kiosk enables the retailer to raise the customer's shopping experience to a new level. Offering the power...

HHP ScanTeam 6901 Credit Card Swiper

HHP ScanTeam 6901

The ScanTeam 6901 mag stripe reader series allow multiple tracks to be read upon swipe, making it one of the most versatile readers on the market. Its small size allows placement in a variety of locations at the point-of-sale. The ScanTeam 6901 is...

HHP ScanTeam 6920 Credit Card Swiper

HHP ScanTeam 6920

SCANTEAM 6920 products are Magnetic Stripe Card Readers (MSRs) which attach to PCs through a Keyboard wedge interface. The magnetic stripe data transmitted by the ST6920 to the PC emulates keyboard data input. For many applications no PC program...

HHP ScanTeam 6980 Credit Card Swiper

HHP ScanTeam 6980

The ScanTeam 6980 product is a dual track Magnetic Stripe Card Reader (MSR) designed to attach to devices with an RS-232 serial interface port. All magnetic stripe decoding electronics are contained in the compact ScanTeam 6980 product enclosure....

HHP ScanTeam ST 8300 MICR Check Readers

HHP ScanTeam ST 8300

The SCANTEAM 8300 product line is a family of check reader products with various interface and decoding capabilities. All versions utilize a magnetic MICR read head and include a host system interface port. Versions of the product are available...

HHP ScanTeam ST 8310 MICR Check Readers

HHP ScanTeam ST 8310

The SCANTEAM 8310 is the reduced feature set member of the SCANTEAM 8300 family of check reader products. All ST8300 products contain FLASH memory which allows for easy firmware upgrades in the field without the need to disassemble the product and a...

HHP Parts

Products and parts from HHP.

HHP ScanTeam 5700 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Honeywell 3800g

HHP ScanTeam 2380 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Unitech MS120

HHP ScanTeam 6400 - Discontinued. Replaced by the ID Tech Omni Barcode Reader

HHP TT1500 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Honeywell TT8500

HHP TT3100 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Honeywell TT8810


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