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HHP Dolphin 7200 Handheld Computers

The HHP Dolphin 7200 has been renamed to the Hand Held Dolphin 7200.

Proven reliability in Batch data collecting

The Dolphin 7200 is a rugged pocketsize computer and barcode scanner with an open DOS architecture and up to 12 MB of memory. Ergonomically designed for both right and left-handed use the Dolphin 7200 is available with a variety of integrated scanning options for exceptional performance on all major linear barcode symbologies.
Dolphin 7200 Options
Hand Held Dolphin 7200 (90051180KIT)
Dolphin 7200, RS-232, 20 key, Kit Including charging cable and power adapter.
Hand Held Dolphin 7200 (900411800)
Dolphin 7200, RF Wireless Handheld Computer (with Standard Range Scanner, 2MB RAM, 8MB Flash, 20 key Numeric-Shifted Alpha-Keyboard and 802.11b Cisco US Radio)
Hand Held Dolphin 7200 (900410800)
Dolphin 7200, RF Wireless Handheld Computer (with High Performance Scanner, 2MB RAM, 8MB Flash, 36 key Keyboard and 802.11b Cisco Radio)
Hand Held Dolphin 7200 (90030080)
Dolphin 7200, 2D Handheld Computer (with LX Imager, 2MB RAM, 8MB Flash, 9-Line x 20-Character Display, 36 key Alphanumeric Keyboard, NiMH Battery, Software and User's Guide)
Hand Held Dolphin 7200 (900211800)
Dolphin 7200, RF Wireless Handheld Computer (WLIF Proxim Radio, Standard Range Scanner, 20 key Numeric/Shifted Alpha Keypad, 2MB RAM, 8MB Flash and Battery)
Hand Held Dolphin 7200 (90011080)
Dolphin 7200, Portable Data Collection Terminal (Batch, 36 key Alpha -Shifted Numeric Keypad, 2MB RAM, 8MB Flash, Standard Range and Laser Scanner)
Hand Held Dolphin 7200 (90010020)
Dolphin 7200, Handheld, 7200 BATCH, 36K ALPHA DISCONTINUED
Recommended Accessories
Hand Held Cable (77900910E)
Cable, RS-232 Length: 6.0 ft. (1.8m)
Ships in 3-5 Days
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HHP Dolphin 7200 Details

The patented ergonomic design of the Dolphin 7200 computer enables single-handed operation with the right or left hand. This pocketsize, 12 oz. (340 gm) handheld computer is rugged and reliably built for use in the harshest industrial environment. With its DOS PC architecture, upgradable memory and data collection options, the Dolphin family of handheld computers is “ the new standard in portable data collection.”

The DOS compatible 386 microprocessor is easy to program. Custom applications can be created in a Windows™ environment with Microsoft® 16-bit Visual C++® or Borland® C/C++.

The terminal’s large, easy-to-read display is back-lighted for easy reading in dark areas. Keyboard options for the Dolphin® 7200 include a 36-key alphanumeric or a 20-key numeric that both have coated keys to prevent numbers from wearing off. Three integrated laser options also are available -- standard range, long-range, or high-definition.

The Dolphin 7200 terminal is part of a data collection system that includes peripherals designed for vehicle, desktop and hub operations.

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