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Janam Handheld Computers

Janam Technologies LLC is a provider of rugged, handheld computing devices for mobile workers. Janam combines deep industry knowledge with advanced technologies to deliver products and accessories that increase productivity, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Specializing in purpose-built mobile computers that scan barcodes and communicate wirelessly, Janam now offers the world's first fully-featured industrial Palm OS based product line. The XP Series was designed to run mission-critical applications in retail, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and logistics.

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Top Janam Products

Janam XM5 Handheld Computers Janam XM5
Handheld Computers

$877.30 to $1,765.20
Janam XG3 Handheld Computers Janam XG3
Handheld Computers

$1,137.00 to $5,095.00
Janam XT2 Handheld Computers Janam XT2
Handheld Computers

$890.30 to $1,555.10
Janam XT2+ Handheld Computers Janam XT2+
Handheld Computers

$1,165.30 to $1,302.80

All Janam Products

Janam XT1 Handheld Computers

Janam XT1

As the industry's lightest and most powerful mini-tablet, the XT1 delivers superior performance without sacrificing usability. In addition to Android 4.2 operating system and a brilliant 5.9" WVGA display, it comes equipped with 802.11a/b/g/n WLAN...

$876.00 to $1,276.00

Janam XM5 Handheld Computers

Janam XM5

The XM5 redefines productivity and is built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use in the field. It combines the latest technological advancements in mobile devices with a sleek and rugged design to provide the power and flexibility that...

$877.30 to $1,765.20

Janam XG3 Handheld Computers

Janam XG3

The XG3 is Janam's next-generation, gun-shaped, rugged mobile computer designed to excel in the most challenging environments. Eliminating the weight and bulk associated with competitive devices, Janam's XG3 is the lightest industrial-grade mobile...

$1,137.00 to $5,095.00

Janam XM2-RFID for Rail RFID Readers

Janam XM2-RFID for Rail

Fully-featured to provide the power and performance required for all-day, every-day use by mobile workers in freight and rail operations, the XM2-RFID for Rail is specially-designed to read the Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) RFID tags...

$1,137.00 to $1,228.90

Janam XM2-RFID RFID Readers

Janam XM2-RFID

The XM2-RFID UHF is fully-featured to provide the power and performance required by mobile workers in retail, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, consumer electronics and defense. It reads ISO18000-63, EPC Global Class 1 Gen 2...

$1,377.00 to $1,864.60

Janam XM70 Handheld Computers

Janam XM70

Janam's XM70 rugged mobile computer offers advanced 1D and 2D barcode scanning with Zebra"s SE4500 scan engine. With extraordinary scanning speed and outstanding motion tolerance, the XM70 improves productivity across a broad array of industries...

$972.80 to $1,077.00

Janam XT2 Handheld Computers

Janam XT2

As technologies evolve, customers no longer need to compromise style and size for functionality and reliability. Janam's Android-powered XT2 touch computer is the lightest and most rugged device in its class and is equipped with the latest...

$890.30 to $1,555.10

Janam XT2+ Handheld Computers

Janam XT2+

The robust XT2+ also comes equipped with Honeywell"s high-performance N6603 scan engine. Integrating Honeywell"s Adaptus 6.0 technology, the N6603 delivers unparalleled 1D and 2D scanning performance and a superior user experience. Exceptional...

$1,165.30 to $1,302.80

Janam XT100

Janam XT100

The XT100 features a brilliant 4.3-inch touch screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, wide-viewing angle and daylight readability, the XT100 provides maximum performance indoors and outdoors. In addition, the XT100 can withstand repeated drops,...

$1,027.80 to $1,165.30

Janam XM75 Handheld Computers

Janam XM75

Pocketable and powerful, the XM75 supports the widely deployed Android 6 operating system and provides the latest technological advancements to help transportation, logistics, field service and delivery companies boost productivity, streamline...

$1,130.90 to $1,302.80

Janam Service Contracts

$23.40 to $121.40

Janam Parts

Products and parts from Janam.

$28.10 to $1,781.80

Janam XG200

Janam XG200

The Janam's XG200 rugged features makes is great for warehouses, distribution centers, loading docks, and other environments where rugged, gun-shaped mobile computers are deployed. With a large 4.3- inch touch screen it provides ample screen...

$1,197.00 to $1,737.00

Janam RFID Sled

Janam RFID Sled

With Janam's high-performance UHF RFID sled for its XT2 series of rugged touch computers, organizations gain access to the required features and functionality to positively impact operations and labor, productivity and supply chain efficiency.


Janam XP20 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Janam XT100

Janam XP30 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Janam XT100

Janam XM60 - Discontinued.

Janam XM60+ - Discontinued.

Janam XM60+AM - Discontinued.

Janam XM65 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Janam XM66

Janam XM66 - Discontinued.

Janam XM66AM - Discontinued.

Janam XG100 - Discontinued.

Janam XG105 - Discontinued.

Janam XT85 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Janam XM5


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