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RJS Verifiers

In 1975 RJS developed the first barcode verifier. Since that time RJS has continued to be the forerunner in the barcode quality assurance arena. Other industry firsts include their 1977 analytical barcode verification system for assuring the quality of film masters; introduction and patent of the Auto-Optic scan head for ANSI verification standards in 1994, and a wide range of patented and proprietary technologies in subsequent years. Among these are patents relating to on-line verification and hand held laser verifiers.

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RJS Inspector 5000 Barcode Verifiers

RJS Inspector 5000


RJS L1000 Barcode Verifiers

RJS L1000

The L1000 Portable Verifier uses a moving beam laser scanner. It requires virtually no user training and analyzes the essential traditional verification parameters including average bar deviation quiet zones encodation check mod check and ratio...

$553.60 to $2,360.50

RJS Inspector D4000 Auto Optic and Laser Barcode Verifiers

RJS Inspector D4000 Auto Optic and Laser

The Model D4000 Provides the Two Most Popular Types of Verification: ANSI Method and-or Point-and-Shoot Traditional Method. This unique portable barcode verifier can interface with either the patented RJS Auto-Optic scan head or a laser scanner to...

$2,206.60 to $2,913.20

RJS Inspector 4000 Barcode Verifiers

RJS Inspector 4000

The Inspector 4000 fulfills the ANSI/ISO method standards like no other verifier on the market. This truly unique and powerful instrument is also easy to use. All the popular linear symbologies are supported. Store and print capability, multiple...


RJS Inspector D4000SP Barcode Verifiers

RJS Inspector D4000SP

This easy-to-use unit is a true single unit solution, offering one-handed operation and support of all popular linear symbologies. The RJS Inspector D4000SP also offers store and print capability, multiple scan averaging, and sub-symbology choices -...


RJS Parts

Products and parts from RJS.

$240.50 to $1,493.10

RJS GS D4000 Barcode Verifiers

RJS GS D4000

The Model GS D4000 Auto Optic provides ISO 15416 and ANSI X3.182 Method for GS1-128 (full Application Identifier - AI - data content testing), Code 128, UPC, and EAN barcodes. This truly unique and powerful instrument is also easy to use. Store and...


RJS TP140A Report Printer

RJS TP140A Report Printer

RJS's TP140A report printer allows for printing of inspection reports from your Inspector series barcode verifier. Designed to provide a simple report that will have a line for each barcode inspected.


RJS Inspector 2000 - Discontinued. Replaced by the RJS Inspector D4000 Auto Optic and Laser

RJS Inspector 3000 - Discontinued. Replaced by the RJS Inspector D4000 Auto Optic and Laser


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