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Code Barcode Readers

Code Corporation is a technology leader in the latest generation of image based barcode reading systems. Using advanced high definition and multi-resolution optics, coupled with flawless Bluetooth communications systems packaged in uniquely ergonomic packages for the mobile worker, the Code Corporation product line is used in critical applications in health care, public safety, technology manufacturing, transportation and other diverse industries.

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  1. Code Reader 4300 (CR4300)

    As business applications go mobile, various solutions have come to market to equip these mobile devices with barcode reading capabilities. The CR4300, however, is revolutionizing how mobile devices become enterprise-grade barcode readers.
  2. Dryrain Technologies CoverID Accessories

  3. Code XML M2 Bluetooth Modem

    Code XML M2 Bluetooth Modem use Bluetooth technology for secure and reliable communication between Code bar code readers and a host computer, or system, that supports USB Keyboard and RS-232 input.
  4. Code Reader 2300 (CR2300) Scanner

    Time is of the essence when it comes to customer satisfaction. The Code Reader 2300 (CR2300) is a reliable, Bluetooth barcode reader designed for use in retail applications""from inventory tracking and age verification to e-forms and mobile coupons and ticketing. Its ease of use and rapid data transmission allow it to securely handle anything that comes its way. The CR2300 is an ideal match with other Bluetooth-enabled devices powered by iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. The versatile interface between reader and mobile device is seamless, and requires no need for modified or additional software. The CR2300 is also equipped with a robust imaging decode engine that generates omnidirectional barcode reading and high-speed data output. Features like these equate to fewer delays and shorter lines at check-out counters""both of which are key factors in garnering positive customer relations.
  5. Code Reader 2600 (CR2600 XHD) Scanner

    Capable of reading barcodes as small as 2 mil., the CR2600 XHD barcode reader is a wireless, Bluetooth reader that features a built-in macro lens and an extreme high density field to increase first-pass read rates of damaged, low-contrast marks in challenging applications and environments.
  6. Code Reader 950 (CR950) Scanner

    The CR950 thrives in fast-paced environments, and will seamlessly transition from in-stand to out-of stand reading. For increased efficiency users can select from continuous scan or motion detection barcode reading modes. A fast, flexible device, the CR950 is an unbeatable addition to your growing operation.
  7. Code Reader 1500 (CR1500)

    The CR1500 scans all standard codes out of the box, plus optional parsing and validation make integration into any system painless. Plus, with Code's industry unique Javascript programming, it is possible to meet even your most advanced data editing requirements. Compact, lightweight and ergonomic, the CR1500 is one of the smallest barcode readers on the market.
  8. Code Reader 4300N (CR4300N)

    Designed to outperform and outlast consumer grade cases, the Code CR4300N is a case that is designed to last. Combines ruggedness and extended power capabilities in a compact design making it perfectly suited for the mobile clinician. Built with an industry-leading CodeShield Disinfectant-ready plastics and a 3000 mAh battery to keep users running continuously. The CR4300N simplifies workflows and keeps users in control.
  9. Code Reader 2700 (CR2700)

    Code knows health care barcode scanning and the CR2700 is the new gold standard. Combining nearly 20 years of market experience, the CR2700 comes with new features to improve patient care workflows. No need to worry about infection control with the introduction of wireless, inductive charging, Code has eliminated any exposed metal. The Bluetooth 5 increases the security level on data transmission.
  10. Code CR1100 Barcode Scanner

    Durability matters, the Code Reader CR1100, is perfect of kiosks, point of sale, OEM applications, warehouse track and trace, inventory management, mobile coupons, and more. It is compact and lightweight for smaller footprint and easy operations for users on long shifts, you can find the CR1100 barcode scanner capable of high speed scanning in any directions to speed up checkout process and more. Ideal for applications from retail, manufacturing, health care, law enforcement, and more.

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