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Datalogic Fixed Barcode Scanner

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  1. Datalogic Gryphon GFS4400 Fixed Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: DATmodel-11909

    Powerful and compact, the new Gryphon GFS4400 scan module packs all the first class features of Gryphon premium 2D bar code readers in a small package, providing the ideal solution for hands-free reading and use in semi-automatic equipment. Designed with system integration in mind, its optimum motion tolerance allows fast processing in automated applications and its great depth of field makes reading easy and intuitive. Plus, the Gryphon GFS4400 scan module?s small size and outstanding near-field reading are ideal for incorporation in the confined spaces required by semi-automatic equipment.
  2. Datalogic Automation Products Fixed Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: DATmodel-14777

    Identification products automate the identification process of products based upon the reading of barcodes, analysis of images, and profiling of items. They are used in a wide range of applications and machines. from the reading of barcodes on medication to ensure patient safety, to the scanning of dimensions of parcels to ensure accurate billing, identification products are behind many of the everyday processes that keeps the global economy running.
  3. Datalogic CBX Series Fixed Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: DATmodel-7620

    The Datalogic CBX Series are industrial connection boxes designed to speed up installation, configuration and maintenance tasks of Datalogic Automation’s 1D/2D code readers. The complete range of optional modules provides connectivity to the most common fieldbus systems while extending communication capabilities.
  4. Datalogic Gryphon GFS4100 Fixed Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: DATmodel-7549

    The Datalogic Gryphon GFS4100 reader is a state-of-the-art linear imager. It is capable of reading high resolution bar codes up 3 mils. It has outstanding performance on poorly printed or damaged bar codes and a long reading range compared to other scanners in its class. On standard EAN13 or UPC 13 mil bar codes, the Gryphon GFS4100 scanner reads from 3.0 cm / 1.2 in to over 40.0 cm / 15.7 in at extreme skew angles with no degradation of the reading speed. Imagers like the Gryphon GFS4100 can capture data as fast as 320 frames per second, compared to 100 frames per second in laser scanners. Faster processors analyze the data using a sophisticated library of solutions, developed and refined over decades of experience in the industry. This makes Datalogic's imaging scanners the best solution for speed, accuracy and reliability.
  5. Datalogic DS2100N Fixed Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: DATmodel-7436

    The Datalogic DS2100N industrial laser barcode reader takes advantage of Datalogic Automation's successful experience in 1D barcode reading, satisfying the demanding application needs of the largest manufacturers worldwide. DS2100N provides greater profitability and productivity in the most common warehousing, shop floor and OEM applications.
  6. Datalogic Matrix 210 Fixed Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: DATmodel-7623

    The Datalogic Matrix 210 is a 2D reader offering extreme reading performance and integrated Ethernet in a ultra-compact housing. Thanks to the WVGA image sensor, capturing up to 60 frames per second and to the powerful internal illuminator, the Matrix 210 offers extreme dynamic reading capability. The unrivaled decoding libraries running on the high speed hardware platform deliver superior reading robustness and impressive decoding rates, supporting high system throughput and so improving efficiency of productions. The on-board Ethernet makes effective the transfer of both reading data and captured images, that can be easily and quickly uploaded on external PCs or servers, simply for storage or also for offline process analysis.
  7. Datalogic Matrix 220 Fixed Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: DATmodel-18224

    Datalogic's Matrix 220 imager is the most compact image-based bar code reader, bringing you superior performance and the flexibility your operation needs. This scanner is excellent for applications that are used in warehouse and manufacturing. The lighting solutions on the Matrix 220 make it ideal at reading barcodes marked with DPM (direct part marking). An innovative scanner that was designed for top performance, the Matrix 220 features a 1.2 MPixel high resolution sensor and a new multicore image processing platform.
  8. Datalogic AV500 Fixed Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: DATmodel-20679

    Datalogic's AV500 is a 2D image-based reader with high speed transportation systems on all conveyor sizes, airport baggage handling systems and static reading applications. With a high resolution 5 MP sensor, image acquisition at 32 frames per second, dynamic or adjustable focus, and multiple lens options, Datalogic's AV500 reader creates a new optical standard for unattended data capture solutions. PackTrack capability allows Datalogic's AV500 reader to minimize the gap between objects and increase the system productivity. FPGA hardware accelerates real-time image elaboration and captured images are stored on-board and optionally transferred to external supports through the integrated Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. Continuous frame acquisition, no-flashing white or red integrated illumination, and colored spot indicators make Datalogic's AV500 reader the unprecedented solution for operator-attended applications as manual object presentation in overhead scanning mode or manual conveyor loading.

8 Item(s)

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