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  1. FEIG ID ANT310/310 RFID Antenna
    Part #: | SKU: FEImodel-22206

    The FEIG HF Antenna ID ANT310 / 310-A is distributed, already adjusted for most applications ex works. By means of jumpers the ID ANT310 / 310-A can be adjusted to changing surrounding conditions, optimally. The ID ANT310 / 310-A can be employed in indoor and outdoor use (IP65) and with a maximum transmitting power of up to 8 W, the antenna can be operated with several FEIG HF readers. Typical applications for the ID ANT310 / 310-A are libraries, document tracking, logistics at conveyor belts or sorting systems, access control and industrial data acquisition.
  2. FEIG ID ANT340/240 RFID Antenna
    Part #: | SKU: FEImodel-22207

    The FEIG ID ANT340 / 240 is designed as a particularly flat external antenna for contactless data exchange with HF transponders and impresses with its excellent performance and elegant design. These characteristics make the ID ANT340 / 240 perfectly suited for desktop applications in offices or libraries. Beside the variant with plastic housing, the ID ANT340 / 240 is also available as an antenna module without housing. The ID ANT340 / 240 has a read range of up to 30 cm. ID ANT340/240 has a coaxial cable and can be operated with a reader, immediately.
  3. FEIG ID ANT40/30 RFID Antenna
    Part #: | SKU: FEImodel-22208

    The FEIG ID ANT40/30 HF Antenna for proximity reader modules is the perfect addition to all of your eTicketing, eMobility, and Closed Loop Payment solutions. The ID ANT40/30 support systems according to ISO 14443-A/-B and ISO 15693. The ID ANT40/30 external antenna offers multiple supported HF reader modules.

3 Item(s)

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