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Generalscan Barcode Equipment

Generalscan is the leading AIDC (automatic recognition and data acquisition) comprehensive value added sales service provider and important supply chain management solutions and equipment provider, it is one of the few domestic two dimensional barcode company have core knowledge property rights. We provide professional one and two dimensional barcode automatic identification system, machine vision system, mobile computing and wireless network system, including enterprise management system (such as WMS, TMS, MES, EAM or ERP etc) integrated service, and also providing real-time tracing, warehouse management system and fixed asset tracking system. Their business model is including hardware and software sales, system integration, software development, technical support, field service and so on.

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  1. Generalscan GS SL3000-S1 Series

    GS SL3000-S1 series can be surely trusted in challenging working environments given this rugged sled house made from silicone which could protect it intact even from a 1.8m high drop. Its waterproof grade reaches IP53. SL3000-S1 series with 2000 mAh lithium ion battery can meet the demand of your work while achieving your daily communication!
  2. Generalscan GS SL3000-S5 Series

    GS SL3000-S5 has 1D & 2D barcodes readability It can turn Samsung J1 2016 Android smartphone to be a professional data collection terminal. Even in challenging working environments, you can trust Generalscan Enterprise Barcode Sled SL3000-S5 industrial-grade barcode scanners to provide superior durability and reliability.
  3. Generalscan GS M100BT

    iCloudscan Barcode ScanJacket GS-M100BT is developed by Generalscan, it is small size, high performance, 1D Bluetooth laser barcode scanner. It can install on the back of mobile phone case, make mobile phone as professional barcode terminal. It can connect mobile phone with Bluetooth and scan barcode into mobile phone.GS-M100BT can connect like IPhone
  4. Generalscan GS M500BT

    2D Bluetooth Barcode scanjacket GS-M500BT is small size and powerful new generation barcode scanner. It can combine with smartphone as professional data collection terminal. It can scan 1D, 2D barcode into your smartphone via Bluetooth, such as iPhone, iPad, and all kinds of android smartphone. By using GS-M500BT barcode scanjacket, you do not need to buy expensive, heavy PDA anymore!
  5. Generalscan GS R1000BT

    1D Bluetooth Wearable Ring-style Barcode GS-R1000BT is small size and powerful new generation barcode scanner. It design for picking and sorting application, enable your operator to free hand and improve operational efficiency in your warehouse, distribution center and retail store. You never need setting an item down to check paper work order or picking up handheld scanner. Operator even no need to put heavy package to the desktop for scan, it will save more time and physical strength. Compare with common wired handheld scanner, GS-R1000 Bluetooth wearable scanner can increase 15% -30% productivity!
  6. Generalscan GS R1500BT

    GS R1500BT Bluetooth wireless communication function allows mobile movement while scanning. Damage and drop is hardly to accrue when you wear it on your finger. What"s more, it is Built-in memory and large off-line storage up to 10000 barcodes.
  7. Generalscan GS R5000BT

    2D Bluetooth Wearable Ring-style Barcode scanner, GS R5000BT, is a small size and powerful new generation barcode scanner. It designs for picking and sorting application, enables your operator to free hands and improves operational efficiency in your warehouse, distribution center and retail store.
  8. Generalscan GS WT1000

    GS-WT1000 smart wearable data terminal is specially designed for picking and sorting application .It can give your workers advanced mobile computing and scanning technology when they can wear with Generalscan smart wearable Android data terminal .It integrates with wearable armband, ring barcode scanner, smartphone battery charger, data communication function into one device .The ergonomic hand-free wearable design with patented rotation platform will make you easily operate with your Apps.
  9. Generalscan GS MT6500 Sled

    Designed for retail, health care, warehousing, logistics, and express, Generalscan's MT6500 sled transforms the Motorola Moto Z into an enterprise-ready barcode sled to provide users with instant access to checkout, product and inventory information. Embedded with an advanced high-performance 2D barcode scan engine to delver fast and accurate reading even for poor quality barcodes. With a 1800 mAh lithium ion battery, the MT6500 is made for all day use!

9 Item(s)

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