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Generalscan Barcode Equipment

Generalscan is the leading AIDC (automatic recognition and data acquisition) comprehensive value added sales service provider and important supply chain management solutions and equipment provider, it is one of the few domestic two dimensional barcode company have core knowledge property rights. We provide professional one and two dimensional barcode automatic identification system, machine vision system, mobile computing and wireless network system, including enterprise management system (such as WMS, TMS, MES, EAM or ERP etc) integrated service, and also providing real-time tracing, warehouse management system and fixed asset tracking system. Their business model is including hardware and software sales, system integration, software development, technical support, field service and so on.

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  1. Generalscan GS SL3000-S1 Series Handheld Mobile Computer
    Part #: SL3000-S1HP | SKU: GEN584586

    GS SL3000-S1 Series, Enterprise Barcode scanner Sled for Android, 1D Laser 350 Scan Engine
  2. Generalscan GS SL3000-S1 Series Barcode Scanner
    Part #: SL3000S1-66V2K | SKU: GEN503093

    SL3000-S1 - 1D Laser Barcode Scanning Enterprise Sled for Android
  3. Generalscan GS SL3000-S1 Series Barcode Scanner
    Part #: SL3000S1-96V2K | SKU: GEN503096

    GS SL3000-S1, 1D-Laser-965 Scan Engine Barcode Scanning Enterprise Sled for Android
  4. Generalscan GS SL3000-S5 Series Barcode Scanner
    Part #: SL3000S5-12V2K | SKU: GEN503097

    2D-Imager-800L Scan Engine Barcode Scanning Enterprise Sled for Android
  5. Generalscan GS M100BT Barcode Scanner
    Part #: M100T-366V1K | SKU: GEN503115

    GS M100BT, 1D-Laser-966 Scan Engine Mini BT4.0 Barcode Scanner: 1. Its Bluetooth 4.0 has HID, SPP, BLE, and Master&Slave Function; 2. To support off line data collect, USB-HID or USB-VCP(USB Serial)wired connection; 3. To support wireless connection with IOS, Android, Windows phone, Windows OS, etc.
  6. Generalscan Scanner Accessories
    Part #: 771000828067 | SKU: GEN503123

    Rubber Protective Case for M100BT Series
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  7. Generalscan Scanner Accessories
    Part #: 775000828067 | SKU: GEN503125

    Rubber Protective Case for M500BT Series
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  8. Generalscan Scanner Accessories
    Part #: 821000828067 | SKU: GEN503134

    Rubber Protective Case for R1000BT Series R1300BT R1500BT
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  9. Generalscan Scanner Accessories
    Part #: 825000828067 | SKU: GEN503141

    Rubber Protective Case for R5000BT Series
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  10. Generalscan Scanner Accessories
    Part #: BC2000-EU3V1K | SKU: GEN503157

    GS R1X00 Series Battery 2 Slot Charger
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