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Samuel Morse was a famous American who is best remembered for helping to invent the telegraph message system and Morse code in the early 1800s. Although many people assume that he was always an inventor, Morse was actually a painter. He primarily earned his living by painting portraits of prominent people in society. For a while, he moved to England where he lived and worked for several years before returning to his homeland. Much of Morse’s artistic work was influenced by his religious views.

The inventions that brought Morse such fame had a rather tragic beginning. While working on a commissioned portrait, a message was hand delivered to Morse informing him that his wife was ill. By the time he received the message and then returned to the city she was in, he found that she had already passed away. Through his grief, he displayed much determination and fortitude in his tireless efforts to create a faster and more efficient form of long distance communications. Over the next decades, the telegraph changed the way people communicated and it became especially useful in wartime transmissions. The following resources will help to further introduce Samuel Morse and his remarkable inventions that helped to improve communications forever.

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