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If you're looking for the barcode on your iPhone 3G, get out your night vision goggles.

The Apple iPhone has been one of the more popular cell phones on the market since it was first released. The phone itself is more than just an ordinary cell phone. It also functions as a music player, video player, a planner, and even a small computer that gives users access to their favorite games and email account. Something the iPhone 3G also has is a hidden barcode.

When the iPhone 3G was first released, users were surprised to note that the cell phone did not include a barcode on the back. On other cell phones, including some created by Apple, the barcode was prominently displayed on the phone. It was placed either on the back of the phone or behind the battery pack. Though the battery had to be removed to find the barcode, it was still there. That didn't seem to be the case with the iPhone 3G.

All of that changed thanks to a man in Australia, who owned and used the phone. This man was using his camcorder one night when he decided to try using the night shot mode to see what he could find. That mode allows users to use their camcorder as a type of night vision goggles. He turned his camcorder on his iPhone 3G and found the hidden barcode.

The barcode on this model of cell phone is hidden inside the phone. The back of the clamshell case contains a 2-D barcode. There are some who believe that the barcode contains the serial number to the phone as well as the International Mobile Equipment Identity of the handset. This barcode is a data matrix code that hides on the left hand side of the back of the phone.

There is a belief that the barcode was placed there because there's no room to hide it behind a detachable battery like with other cell phones. There is also a belief that the barcode contains a Quick Response code. This means that the phone can be tracked by the manufacturer in case of theft or loss. However Apple has neither confirmed nor denied that theory.

Another theory behind the barcode claims that it contains a tracking number that allows the company to track the phone during the production, allowing them to note any problems with the phone. If a problem arises, they can easily find the phone with the problem and repair it. This prevents the problematic phone from making it onto the store shelves. Once again, this is a theory presented by users and not confirmed by Apple.

The hidden barcode on the iPhone 3G is a hot topic on the internet, with users from all over the world posting their thoughts and opinions on the subject. There are many people who have used their own camcorders and night vision goggles to locate the barcode on their Apple cell phones. Oddly, some users have noted that their own barcode was on the right hand side of the phone, while others have found it on the left hand side.

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