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For small businesses, an easy step to take to boost sales and improve inventory management skills is to incorporate barcoding into retail stores. Management and knowledge of products in stock and available is easier when using barcodes because they link to an online system accessible through spreadsheets on personal computers.

Barcodes are a means to track inventory through the shipment, arrival and shelving stages from a facility to a store. For each product in stock, even if they're the same item in a different size or color, they need an individual barcode. Using personalized barcodes for each product is a good way to update inventory and inform team members of which materials and how much of them should be reordered.

Once you use barcodes on your inventory, your products become linked and will scan universally throughout your company's digital world. Therefore, if your products are unique goods, you are able to export them more easily to stores interested in providing their customers with your product. However, in order for your barcode to work in some markets, it must originate from the nonprofit association GS1. Those specialized codes allow for products to work globally and link universially to any point of sale (POS) system.

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