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For businesses that deal with products such as wood or construction materials, time is of the essence when it comes to making sure that all products are being stocked correctly and organized appropriately. Many materials come wrapped up in boxes, plastic or wood to help protect valuable products from becoming exposed to harsh environments. For some stock workers, it could be a tough task to identify wrapped products and remember where each item belongs in a warehouse or stock room.

Barcodes are an easy way to identify products without having to open them up. By linking each product to a barcode, a stock worker can scan the shipment upon arrival and immediately know product details and where it belongs in the warehouse or storage room. This innovation can benefit large warehouses to smaller retail businesses, speeding up the process and helping workers finish jobs faster.

Many warehouses already have begun to install these systems and educate workers on the benefits of using them. In some cases, large barcodes have been placed on the floor in warehouses to help identify the proper destination for imported goods. The workers are able to scan shipment and compare information to ensure that the right materials are filed in the proper locations.

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