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Retail stores operate like living, breathing organisms. Each part is connected with one another and creates a smooth and manageable system. In part, the seamless transition of merchandise from manufacturers, retailers and consumers is made possible by barcode technology.

In each aspect of the success of a retail outlet, barcode technology plays a vital role. Whether differentiating products or regulating inventory, linear codes help to organize products under the direction of a business manager.

However, even after products have been prepared and associates have verified inventory with barcode scanners, a business needs an accurate point of sale solution in order to succeed. In fact, a part that may be equally as vital as barcode technology is a durable magnetic stripe reader at the register.

The Omni card reader is a sturdy credit and debit card reader that accurately processes transactions in a matter of seconds. Instead of having to manually enter a customer's data into the register, the Omni card reader reduces the time that is spent at the register and helps customers quickly finish with their sales and carry on with their days.

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