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Too many people today associate learning with dreariness or with boredom, and that is unfortunate, even crazy. Learning new things is one of the most exciting endeavors a person can ever engage in, especially when skills are practiced and even acquired through learning games. Learning new things is also a healthy way to keep the mind sharp and mental exercises are the perfect way to keep the brain fit. Exercising the brain doesn't only make the mind stronger and more sharp, but it relaxes the body by providing recreation and relaxation. Keeping the brain in shape can also serve as prevention for cognitive disorders and deterioration as it ages. Riddles, brainteasers, illusions, and more all make learning fun and exciting while providing great mental exercise.. Here is a list of some of the best games on the Internet that can help students of all ages develop a love for learning and increase their brain function.


• Brainmelter — Kids will love learning from the riddles offered at this Ontario-based website.

• Classic Riddles — Dozens of classic riddles that might even stump parents and teachers are on this page.

• Energy Kids Riddles — Can learning about energy involve fun? Find out on this page of energy riddles.

• Food Riddles — Some fun riddles about food and nutrition can be found here.

• If You Think You're a Genius... — A dozen or so fun riddles that stretch the brain can be found here.

• Kid Riddles — Get some practice with these easier riddles and learn some interesting facts in the meantime.

• Math Riddles — Twenty-five good math riddles can be found on this site.

• Riddles and Riddle IQ Tests — This page has a wide variety of riddles that cover many different subjects.

• Riddle of the Sphinx — Here is a multi-part riddle game that tests both math and reading skills.

• Solve a Science Mystery Riddle — Understanding scientific problems can be fun, as the riddles on this page reveal.


• Enchanted Learning Logic Puzzles — Several easier logic puzzles are available on this page for free.

• Kidz Logic Games — Fun logic games and other puzzles are found on this site.

• Learning Network Puzzle Archive — Test knowledge of a variety of subjects with these crossword puzzles from the New York Times.

• Logic Problems — Several fun logic problems are found on this site.

• Logic Puzzles — Have fun learning with all of the many logic puzzles found here.

• Number Puzzles — Line up the numbers in this puzzle to solve the problem and have fun doing so.

• Picture Puzzles — The wide variety of puzzles on this page is a fun way to test one's powers of deduction.

• Puzzle Baron's Logic Puzzles — There are many great grid-based logic puzzles on this page.

• Social Studies and History — Several different word puzzles related to social studies and history are located on this site.

• The Stacks Puzzle Games — The developer of this page knows how to make learning fun through several innovative puzzle games.

Brain Teasers

• Aunty Math — This fun site presents math-related brainteasers for elementary-school-aged children.

• Braingle Brain Teasers — The category list on the left side of this page will take readers to many fun brainteasers.

• Brainteasers, Puzzles, and Riddles — Anyone can test their smarts with this extensive collection of brainteasers and other puzzles.

• Brain Training Activities — Engage in some free, fun brain training games by clicking on this link.

• Creative Puzzles — Everyone should be able to find a brainteaser or puzzle that interests them on this page.

• Grey Labyrinth Archive — Play many different games, puzzles, and other brainteasers on this extensive site.

• Houghton-Mifflin Brain Teasers — Click on the lower right-hand corner of this page for several math-related brainteasers.

• Pedagonet Brain Teasers and Problems — Kids can test their knowledge in many different categories with these fun puzzles.

• Smart Kit Puzzle Playground — A wide variety of colorful and fun brainteasers and other puzzles and games is accessible on this site.

• Woodlands Brain Teasers — Some junior high school students in Britain came up with these great brainteasers.


• 89 Visual Phenomena and Optical Illusions — Older kids and teens should especially like this page of optical illusions and their explanations.

• Ambiguous Optical Illusions — Ambiguous optical illusions are just one of the many categories of illusions that are accessible via this link.

• Brain Bashers Optical Illusions — It will take a long time to get through all of the great optical illusions that are provided for kids and adults on this page.

• Color Cube — A large number of colored optical illusions can make learning about perception fun for anyone on this site.

• Exploratorium — Exploratorium collects many fun optical illusions from a science museum in San Francisco.

• Grand Illusions — Dozens of free illusions are available on this site that also features products for purchase.

• Illusions Gallery — Another great set of optical illusions can be found here.

• Mind Fake Optical Illusions — This page has one of the largest collections of optical illusion on the entire Internet.

• Neuroscience for Kids — The optical illusions on this page will help any child test their vision in a fun way.

• Optical Illusions and Pictures — Enjoy this large collection of optical pictures and illusions.

More Brain Busters

• Brain Boosters — Discovery Education makes learning fun with their extensive selection of brain-boosting games.

• Brain Food — There are countless brain busters and puzzles on this site.

• Brain Quest for Kids — This page from a company that develops quiz software offers several free brain quest games that make learning fun and entertaining.

• Fun School — Logical thinking, creativity, and more can be developed through these fun games that are designed particularly for younger kids.

• Knossos Games — A large number of mazes, puzzles, and more make learning spatial concepts and other facts more fun on this page.

• Knowledge Adventure Games — The knowledge adventure games located on this page are designed mainly for younger kids.

• Mysterynet for Kids — Everyone loves a mystery, and this site has several good mysteries for kids to solve.

• Play Kids Games — Users from ages pre-K to middle school will benefit from the fun learning games on this extensive site.

• Prongo Quiz Station — Fun, interactive quizzes to help kids learn can be found on this site.

• Quiz Hub — A variety of puzzles and games on a variety of subjects can be accessed via this link.

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