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Picture this: you are working at your computer or laptop for either a job related or school related activity and you have been in the same place for hours. Your next hurts, your back is sore, your eyes are achy and your head is starting to ache. This is a typical situation that affects millions of people every day. You and others are suffering from computer related health issues.

Working on a computer in the same position for long periods of time, whether it is for a work related project, a school project or even just surfing the web or posting items with friends can lead to health problems. Many factors go into health related problems dealing with computers. These factors include the position of the monitor or laptop, the amount of light in the room, the desk and chair that you use when working on a computer and several others. These factors, if neglected, can lead to back, neck, arm and eye problems. Some can be corrected, but the best way to attack these problems is to avoid them in the beginning.

By having a healthy environment to use the computer or laptop, you are avoiding the risk of damaging your health. Some items to consider is the posture that you use when sitting, having your monitor or screen in good sight lines, have adequate lighting so that you don't strain your eyes and have a good chair which supports your back. In addition to the physical elements, it is important that you get up and move around periodically if you have been working on a computer for great amounts of time. A nice stretching break every hour or so will help keep you from pain.

We hope you enjoy the following information on computer related injuries. Feel free to look over this information and return often, and we wish you safe and healthy computing!

Eye Strain

  • Eye Strain - General information on eye strain and how it occurs.
  • Computer Eye Strain - Helpful definition of what is computer eye strain and how computer users can get it.
  • Reducing Computer Eye Strain - Useful article with five ways to reduce the amount of strain on your eyes.
  • Eye Strain Symptoms - Information on what to look for in determining if you are suffering from computer eye strain.
  • Kids and Computer Eye Strain - Informative article for parents on what they should look for to ensure that kids are not suffering from eye strain.
  • Help for Computer Eyes - Information for computer users to help them to not strain their eyes.

Musculoskeletal Problems

Symptoms to Watch

  • What is RSI? - Helpful page answering the question about Repetitive Strain Injury and what to look for.
  • RSI Tips for Users - Basic look at the problems associated with computer related injuries.
  • RSI Symptoms - General information and tips on what to look for to determine an RSI.
  • Identifying RSI - Informative page giving a wide range of information on Repetitive Strain Injuries.
  • RSI and Kids - Helpful page with information on how kids can be troubled with computer related injuries.

Prevention Steps

  • Prevent RSI - Informative web site giving computer users practical advice on how to prevent being a victim of computer injuries.
  • RSI Prevention Tips - Listing of ten things that people can do to be safer and healthier when using a computer.
  • Injury Prevention for Computer Users - Helpful page with illustrations on what should be done to prevent or reduce injury.
  • RSI Prevention - Web site from MIT outlining many possible ways that users can avoid being affected by strain injuries.
  • Preventing RSI - Harvard article on how computer operators can avoid RSI problems.
  • RSI Treatment - Information on what can be done to treat computer related injuries.

Computer Health Resources

  • CDC Resources - Information on Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Injuries.
  • RSI Resources - Collection of resources and information on Repetitive Strain Injuries.
  • Computer FAQs - Basic questions and answers on computer health injuries.
  • RSI Resource Page - Overall information and resources on Repetitive Strain Injuries.
  • RSI Handbook - Helpful collection of computer injury resources covering a variety of topics.
  • Resource Library - Informative web page with a number of useful links about computer injuries and health.
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