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Barcode is a system for price checking and inventory control that makes use of a scanner to decode a series of vertical lines placed on an item. It was invented to increase employee productivity and industrial efficiency. However, within a short period, barcode technology began to be used almost everywhere on nearly all items imaginable, even on humans. Yes, barcode tattoos are surprisingly a popular choice among tattoo fans.

Barcode tattoos are often meant to be ironic. They serve as a warning that everyone is in jeopardy of becoming a commodity item unless people become more careful of their identity and culture. Barcode tattoos can also be seen as a protest against conformity. Some people who get a barcode tattoo see it as a way of celebrating diversity and even the uniqueness of each person.

Barcode tattoos are becoming a fashion statement more than a form of protest. You can see some of the craziest barcode tattoos on the arms, forearms, necks, and even foreheads of some tattoo enthusiast. Some of these tattoos are not even created with the simple black design. Instead, it is sometimes placed together with large and colorful complementing design.

More and more people are requesting and getting barcode tattoos. Meanwhile, some see it as more of a joke or something out of the "Big Brother thing," where people are just another number.

A popular icon of barcode tattoo is Max, one of the characters from TV's Dark Angel. She is seen sporting a UPC barcode on the back of her neck, but this is more of a mark that distinguishes her as genetically altered rather than another meat in the market.

Whether crazy barcode tattoos are an ironic statement, a protest, or a fashion statement, it is undeniable that more people are getting attracted into inking it on their bodies. Analytical people theorize that the barcode technology may be integrated into the human body as a way of universal identification in the future. For now, more convenient and painless alternative to barcode tattoos is probably to put a temporary tattoo on yourself, especially if you are getting the tattoo for fashion purposes.

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