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The new generation of small businesses is lucky to come into existence at a time when it is becoming increasingly easier to manage data with new software and technology. The use of cash has decreased and the choice to use plastic debit or credit cards has taken over as the preferred method of spending. With the integration of credit card reader devices in most businesses, it is easier to accept different forms of payment than ever before.

Handheld mobile computers are becoming widely popular in outdoor markets. Equipped with point of sale (POS) systems and mobile credit card readers, even businesses like local produce stands, custom jewelry companies and cafes have the ability to bring their businesses out onto the street during open markets and provide potential customers with purchasing options.

These advances in technology not only help the small businesses by organizing their data on a server and uploading stocks to spreadsheets, but it attracts potential shoppers who would normally be deterred because they only had a credit or debit card on hand. It is no longer a luxury only larger businesses have at their disposal, and it has become helpful during hard economical times when small businesses ar looking for new ways to attract customers.

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