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Reward cards have been used in many retail stores to encourage more customer involvement when they're purchasing items. Mostly used at point of sale (POS) locations, reward cards are regularly equipped with a barcode and account number as a way to accurately store earned points on an external database.

Beyond retailers, other organizations are beginning to find uses for reward cards as a way to offer incentives to people for acting more appropriately in certain situations.

Residents of Birmingham, England, will be encouraged to recycle by being awarded loyalty card points to spend on shopping and other services. The project is starting in a small amount of homes in the area but looks to grow to a much larger scale if the idea is well received.

Offering rewards to people through reward cards equipped with barcodes is a great way to establish a code of conduct. Beginning in September, barcode stickers will be placed on an individual family's recycling boxes. Each time a collection is made the resident will earn points.

Collection services are able to remotely scan boxes using mobile computers such as the Unitech HT580, which is a straight forward data entry and barcode scanning device.

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