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Even in the harshest environments, barcode technology is incredibly useful. Certain careers require individuals to be located in harsh climates, such as the Arctic. There, workers are in charge of handling complex tasks with poise and grace despite the difficulty of their environment. Whether stationed in the region for scientific or commercial purposes, barcode technology can be utilized to store product-specific information and perform data entry tasks.

In extreme circumstances, effective barcodes must be printed on durable labels. In some cases, metallic tags are the most reliable. However, a more important piece of equipment is the barcode scanner. A device that is not built to withstand harsh work environments won't be much help to users. A rugged mechanism is required to decode these tags and ensure that projects are completed efficiently. The Motorola DS3578 series meets those demands.

The DS3578 is a rugged, omnidirectional digital scanner that possesses high-performance data capturing capabilities that still function in harsh industrial environments. It comes standard with Bluetooth technology, which provides cordless freedom and improves productivity. Employers who manage projects in abnormal environments benefit from the ruggedly designed DS3578 barcode scanner.

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