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An issue that has plagued retail stores since the dawn of time is the inability to prevent in-house theft. Although there will always be precautions to try and deter associates from swiping products, it is nearly impossible to keep track of products 100 percent successfully.

Many retail stores are beginning to utilize barcode scanners to receive product shipment as it enters the store. The inventory is linked to the barcodes that are scanned on arrival, immediately recording product availability in the store. This feature offers store owners an exact measurement of the volume of inventory coming through its doors. Through this technology, managers can periodically check up on their inventory and become aware of any discrepancies in data. If the data indicates that there is more product in the store than on the shelf, it can be proposed that in-house theft could be a factor for this loss of potential revenue.

Barcode scanners can now be equipped with Inventory Management Software. This new technology makes it easier for managers to keep track of their products in their retail stores. Although the software is not a security system, it is a valuable tool to help team members make steps to prevent possible theft or misplacement of products by associates.

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