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Math can sometimes seem difficult or confusing and many students might need the help of a tutor or extra help after school to catch up. Did you know that by practicing math everyday, you can become much better and faster at it? One way to practice math is by asking for extra practice worksheets from a teacher. Math rules can also be hard to memorize, so try using flash cards as helpful reminders. But don’t forget that math is all around us. It influences just about everything in our world. This means that there are many different and fun ways to practice math skills everyday through games and activities. Check out some of the sections below for help with important math and number skills, graphs, money and telling time.

Numbers and Counting

  1. Online Counting Games: Join Curious George, Sid the Science Kid and other cartoon heroes in games to practice counting.
  2. Connect the Dots: Practice counting and connect the dots to reveal the hidden picture!
  3. Decorate Gingerbread Men: Place the correct number of cherries on these yummy gingerbread men to win the game! You can also your parents to help practice this with real gingerbread men at home.
  4. Number Counting Games: Try this online game to practice writing numbers, counting out loud and matching pictures to numbers.
  5. Counting with Dr. Seuss: All of our favorite Dr. Seuss characters are here to help with counting with these fun, free downloadable files!
  6. Counting Cards: Get a pack of playing cards and try this game with a friend or sibling. The first person to get 100 points wins!
  7. Snail Counting: Print out this game and play it with some friends to learn how to quickly count in tens all the way to one hundred.
  8. Math in the Kitchen: Play some of these fun games in the kitchen while helping mum and dad to prepare some yummy snacks! You can even eat the treats after counting them correctly.


  1. Bus Driver: Can you help the bus driver put the correct number of children on the bus? Don’t forget to add the top and bottom levels of the bus!
  2. Lunar Lander Game: Help this little spaceship land on the correct landing pads by answering the questions correctly.
  3. Learn About Multiplication with Maria and Cassie: You will need to print and cut a square grid (provided in this game) to learn about multiplication.
  4. A Math Magic Trick: Use multiplication tables to amaze your friends with this mind-reading magic trick!
  5. Building Blocks: Use your building blocks to help reveal the numbers in this multiplication game.
  6. Battleship: Practice division problems with this exciting online battleship game! Can you sink all of the enemy’s ships?


  1. Deep Sea Duel: Okta the Octopus is challenging you to a deep-sea duel of whole numbers and decimals. The first person to pick three cards that add up to the number in the clamshell wins!
  2. Decimals of the Caribbean: It’s a pirate’s lifestyle for you! Try to get as much treasure as you can by sinking the correct ships with decimal cannonballs.
  3. Decimal Detectives: Can you help the Decimal Detectives find the stealthy Crooked Decimal and other suspects?


  1. The Pizza Game: Use this virtual pizza to understand fractions. You can even try it with a real pizza at home!
  2. Cookie Fractions: In this game, pick a number of friends and then share your cookies with them. Don’t forget to use the cookie cutter to create fractions of cookies so that everyone has an equal share!
  3. Turkey Terminator Game: Oh no! It’s Thanksgiving and the turkey is hiding in the oven. Help get him out by solving the pumpkin pie questions and throwing pies at the other escaping turkeys!
  4. Paint the Flag: Use fractions to help figure out how to correctly paint the blank flags.
  5. Fractions in the Kitchen: Fractions don’t only belong in math books. In fact we use them everyday! Try some of these easy recipes and see if you can figure out the fractions to get the right amount of ingredients.
  6. Find Grampy Game: Grampy likes to play hide and seek and in this game he uses fractions to help him hide. Help Grammy find him by solving the fraction problems.
  7. Fraction Monkeys: Help these silly monkeys to land on the right swing by matching their fractions to ones on the line.
  8. More Fractions Games: Try all three of the fun fractions games on this site!


  1. Bug Coordinates: Help Billy Bug find something to eat by locating the hidden grubs on the graph according to the given coordinates.
  2. Help Spaceboy: Can you help Spaceboy to find the lost alien by correctly positioning him on the map?
  3. Class Scores Game: Today, you get to pretend to be the teacher! Rearrange the students’ class grades in this interactive graph to learn about organizing data.
  4. Bar Graphs and Tally Charts: Watch this cartoon about how to collect data and then try playing the game to practice what you learned.
  5. Penny Graphs: Did you know that some of the coins we use today are actually very old? Ask your parents for a penny jar and use this activity guide to make a graph of pennies.
  6. Kids’ Graphing Tool: Use this cool online graphing tool to create a graph or chart of anything you like!


  1. Learn About Coins: Click on each coin in this game to learn more about it.
  2. Dollar Dive: Help Plinky the Pig sail back home by collecting enough money to buy new sails for his boat.
  3. The Buying Game: Play this game and figure out if you have enough money to buy each object.
  4. Making Change: Time is running out as each challenge pops up on the screen. Players have to find the correct change to match each challenge, using the specified number of coins.
  5. Matching Coins Game: Try this online game and try to figure out which coins are needed to provide the correct amount of change.


  1. The Time Game: Read through this introduction about telling the time and then try the game and quiz at the end.
  2. Set the Clock: Score points for correctly setting the time on this interactive clock.
  3. Beat the Clock Game: In this exciting race against time, players have to set the clock to the correct time, before the timer counts down!
  4. Time Monsters: Join Professor Tempo and learn how to tell the time. Watch out for those horrible Time Monsters who try to destroy the clock!
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