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Barcodes have been around for over thirty years, but the technology behind them is still being improved upon and developed. Barcode systems have long been used as a way to manage inventory, and today, with a greater need to track materials, barcodes have become even more important.

It is simple enough to receive imported goods and keep an eye on stock, but to be able to track the second-by-second movement of products being shipped across the world is even more appealing to business owners. New software has been developed by Ekahau RTLS software and Nordic ID that combines barcodes with Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) and lets users see their product locations on a real-time map. The software also generates asset reports, audit trails and alerts users if any items are low or in the wrong location, according to HealthcareITnews.

The software seamlessly takes advantage of the world-wide use of barcodes. Now able to keep a closer eye on products while they move from location to location, business owners are learning even more about the importance that inventory management plays in the success of a company. The ability to correct errors in shipment before they occur cuts costs and speeds up business practices.

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