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Pharmaceutical drugs are an important but risky product to track. The variety of medicines available to patients increases daily, and although they are a necessary form of disease prevention, many of them come with addictive ingredients. This unfortunate but realistic issue has forced the industry to find appropriate ways to track and govern the distribution of these products.

The integration of point of sale systems in pharmacies has given them the opportunity to improve business while protecting these products from reaching the hands of unwarranted customers. The system promotes an efficiency level unmatched by previous methods, helping to prevent human error while ringing up customers. The tracking capabilities of point of sale systems has encouraged technicians filling out prescriptions to efficiently tend to their tasks. By providing accountability to those workers who do not conduct their job in the required manner, point of sale systems prevent miscalculated sales, incorrectly filed transactions and records voided transactions. All of these added benefits help pharmacies keep tabs on their prescriptions and notify the technicians if a prescription has already been filled and sold.

Pharmaceutical drugs may reach the street market despite the growing security surrounding the products, but with point of sale systems in place at many pharmacies, it greatly reduces the possibility that certain drugs go missing or are under-sold in the filling and transaction stages of its use.

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