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From funky and fun to chic and elegant, fonts run the gamut in style and can transform your documents from boring text to distinctive pieces that stand out from the crowd. There are literally thousands of creative and unique fonts that can add flair and panache to your finished products. Here are some of the best font resources available on the web.

It’s important to understand how to properly download and install a font in order to ensure it goes into the right area of your computer and shows up in your word processor’s list of fonts. Fonts are either in “Open Type,” “True Type,” or “Post Script” formats. After you’ve downloaded a font, go to start, settings, then control panel and double click the “Fonts” folder. Once you’ve opened the “Fonts” folder, choose “Install New Font.” Locate the font you wish to install. If the fonts were zipped, you’ll need to unzip them before installing them.

Freeware Fonts

  • Google Web Fonts: A collection of open source fonts, free to download by Google
  • Freeware Fonts: Freeware fonts are easy to download and install and are often created by font designers that wish to share their work with the public. This page provides a collection of free fonts for PCs and MACs
  • Iconian Fonts: Designer releases his share of fonts free for non-commercial use
  • 1001 Free Fonts: Large collection of freeware fonts for Windows and Macintosh computers
  • Simply the Best: Freeware fonts alphabetically categorized
  • Free Fonts: Vast collection of free fonts from FateBack. Though freeware fonts are open to the public and may be used in any manner of creative work, they are not to be bundled into packages or resold to others.
  • Font Squirrel: Freeware fonts licensed for commercial use
  • High Fonts: Offers freeware fonts with previews
  • Fontex: Freeware fonts are those made available free of charge. This page provides free fonts from Fontex.
  • The Font Pool: A large collection of fonts on the web since 1996

Licensed Fonts

  • Font Shop: A vast collection of licensed fonts available to buy
  • Fonts.com: An alphabetical List of fonts is made available on this page.
  • Émigré Fonts: Overview of different license agreements for Émigré Fonts
  • Font Word: Licensed, designer fonts including educational and custom created
  • Fonthead: Collection of bestselling, licensed fonts, dingbats and illustrations
  • Jeremy Tankard Typography: Bliss Pro collection of licensed fonts by Jeremy Tankard
  • House Industries: Licensed fonts featuring original designs
  • Adobe: Collection of licensed fonts from Adobe

Specialized Fonts

Font Creation Software

Fonts for Disabilities

  • Braille and ASL Fonts: Download free fonts from the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Lexia Readable: Free font recommended for dyslexics
  • Club Type: Fonts by Adrian Williams recommended for students with learning disabilities in primary grades
  • Gill Dyslexic: Font created to help Dyslexics, based upon research trends
  • Sylexiad: Font developed for people with Dyslexia by Dr. Robert Hillier
  • The Sutton Fonts: Free downloads of ASL fonts in multiple languages
  • My Fonts: Braille font for standard and Braille keyboards
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