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The study of science, nature and technology is an area that younger students have enjoyed for decades. Teaching children about the weather, plants, motion, computers and other topics can be fun and informative for the kids. These are basic scientific concepts which can be used in daily life as well as providing information that can be used in Middle School and High School.

To help parents and educators teach children about basic science and nature, we have compiled a list of resources in a variety of topics. Please feel free to look over and use any of the listed links and information. Also, check back for additional updates to this list.


  • Weather Watchers - Helpful collection of information that can be used by elementary aged children learn about different aspects of the weather.
  • Weather Lesson Plans - Information and resources that can be used to talk to students about the weather.
  • The Weather Dude - Fun and educational website providing a number of helpful resources and information on various parts of the weather for elementary students.
  • Weather Activities for Kids - Informative and hands on sessions that kids can do to learn about the weather and related topics.

Rocks and Minerals

Land and Water

Plant Life

  • Plants and Elementary Science - Informative site for elementary students on learning about plans and plant life.
  • Plant Life Cycles - Information and ideas on learning about the life cycle of plants aimed at elementary age students.
  • Plant Life Unit - Lesson Plans and study plans that teachers can use to help teach students about plant life and the life cycle.
  • Plant Life Cycle - Educational activities and lesson plans for elementary aged kids to help teach them about the life cycle of plants.

Electric Circuits

  • Circuits and Electricity - Informative page providing educational concepts that can be used to teach children in grades K - 5.
  • Simple Electrical Circuits - Basic circuits that can be built by students that can help teach them basic concepts of the electrical circuit.
  • An Elementary Circuit Activity - Simple activity that can be done utilizing a battery and two light bulbs to teach students about electricity.


  • Force and Motion - Informative page providing basic information and knowledge on the concepts surrounding force and motion.
  • Information on Force and Motion - Educational page with information that can be used to help teach children about force and motion.
  • Force and Motion for Teachers - Activities and lesson plans for teachers to help teach about the concepts of force and motion.
  • Force, Motion and Energy - Useful collection of resources in the study of force, motion and the workings of energy.


  • Technology Lesson Plans - Informative collection of lesson plans that can be used to teach technology and the computer to students in grades K-5.
  • Computer Lessons for Kids - Helpful selection of lesson plans to help teach children about computers.
  • Elementary Computer Resources - Useful collection of computer related topics and plans that can be used to teach about computers to elementary aged school children.

General Resources

We hope that this guide has been helpful in presenting and understanding some basic concepts in science and technology. We hope you come back and visit this page often.

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