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Barcodes are a necessity for document management. In the past, people entered information manually into a computer system, which was time consuming and often inaccurate. On average, key entry operators account for one error for every 300 characters, according to "Bar Codes," a study done by CloudDocs.

Barcodes, however, commit far less errors, accumulating one error for every 2 million characters. The study proves that barcodes are simply more efficient than manual data entry. That leaves business owners with a decision to make. Is it worth implementing barcodes for data entry? Here are some uses of barcodes for document management that might help sway a business owner into converting to barcode data entry.

When entering a multi-page document into a database, it can be hard to tell when one packet ends and the other begins. Barcodes serve as a benchmark for documents. They link packets together and are usually located on the front of a multi-page document. Scanning the front barcode eliminates the need to leaf through subsequent pages to enter information.

For files that deal with account or patient identification numbers, the use of barcodes helps decrease inaccurate key entry and prevents errors in service. Barcodes are an important business tool that help workers efficiently attend to tasks and provide superior customer service in certain areas of work.

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