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Did you know there are wireless barcode reader? Rather than have a barcode reader that has cables, the wireless barcode reader allows you to maneuver around things easily and even scan things from a distance. Some of these wireless barcode readers actually are actually holders that allow you to plug the scanner you already own regardless of whether it is a pen, laser, charge coupled device (CCD) or camera-based readers. You can scan a barcode from as far away as 150 feet from your computer with some wireless barcode readers.

The use of a wireless barcode reader can be beneficial in many ways. Many companies have their products in factories that are not well suited for barcode readers that are wired. It is hard to move around equipment and inventory with a wired scanner. Some businesses store their inventory in warehouses that have environments that could potentially damage the cable of a scanner. A wireless barcode reader is an excellent way to avoid a harsh environment.

Another great use for a wireless barcode reader is in a store. Because some items sold may be too bulky to run across the normal scanner and the cashier might not be able to stretch the corded scanner far enough to scan the item, a wireless scanner can be a great asset. Another asset of using a wireless barcode reader is that it can prevent on the job accidents. If a worker has a corded barcode reader stretched across the floor to read a UPC, people walking by might not pay attention and trip over the cord.

Wireless barcode readers are normally a little more expensive than the corded barcode readers. But, they are quite a bit more convenient to use and may even help you avoid hand entering UPCs because the reader won’t quite reach far enough to correctly read the UPC.

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