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In the history of the wide net casted by the world-wide web, many people have been instrumental in advancing the technology of computers. They range from early computer innovators such as Charles Babbage to modern pathfinders such as Steve Jobs. These pioneers of the computer industry has revolutionized our daily lives with the developments in hardware and software. Without the work of these pioneers, we would not enjoy all the modern conveniences we have today.

The pioneers in the computer industry was not just men. During the history of computing, women have also played an important role. Some of the women pioneers include Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper and others in this field. They were among the first to help develop the technology that we currently use. Thanks to these pioneers, the technology field is a thriving field of study for men and women.

History of Women in Computing

Dating back to the mid-1800's, women have been an integral part of the developments of computers and computer programing. While men have been widely acknowledged as leading the technology boom, women have also played key roles. Efforts of women have helped push the advancements in programming of computers. Today, women continue to be a vital part of our technology advances.

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Ada Lovelace

One of the first women pioneers in the field of computers was Ada Lovelace. Ada Lovelace was a writer who worked with Charles Babbage on his mechanical computer. In her work with Babbage, she collected information that led to the machine that is regarded as the first working computer. And, through her notes, she is recognized as the first computer programmer.

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Other Famous Women

In addition to Ada Lovelace, there have been a number of other notable women in the field of computer sciences over the course of history. These women have made multiple contributions to the world of computers. From assisting to create new programming languages and other advancements.

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Women in Computing Additional Resources

To assist you in learning about the contributions of women in computing, we have put together a collection of useful resources:

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